Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Here comes what everyone has been waiting for...


Okay, so not a whole lot to say on that end other than we got a new stickers in. They aren't they same as the others. This doesn't have a moog on it... however, everything else is quite similar. It's very close to what our shirt design will be. But trust us, the shirts will be cooler because you can... wear them.

Speaking of shirts!
Those are still on their way. We won't have them for the October 1st show as we hoped, but I would think they'd be around for October 22nd gig. We shall see. So come get those and some stickers. Hell, buy a shirt and we'll GIVE you the new sticker.

If you haven't picked up a copy of our CD yet, then what are you waiting for? We've slashed prices down to $5 at all shows. Imagine if you bought a CD AND a shirt. We'd give you the new sticker AND a button! Seriously, can life get any better?

Plus we're planning something else that will be really fun. Something for old and new friends alike.

Saturday night. Don't miss it.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jennannapalooza was a ton of fun. A lot of great bands, and a lot of great friends. Turned out to be quite a long night and the free bar tab ran out in about two hours. Regardless, much fun was had.

Our set was plagued with a few technical problems and then the venue lights came and and we got cut short by the bar because they had to close. We played about 20 minutes or so and got through about half of our set. Had we known we were going to get the boot we would've played the good stuff which we were saving for last. So, we apologize to those of you who didn't get to hear some of your favorites, we'll be sure to make it up to anyone who comes out to The Haven show on October 1st, which is this coming Saturday. We'll be playing with four other great bands including Pop.Culture.Clash. and Fairweather Friend.
It's gonna be a good one.

Over the next few weeks we're gonna start trying to book some out of town shows, so we may get into some other parts of Florida. North, south, coast to coast... we're gonna try to get there.

Slept til 4pm today. Life is good.

See you soon?


Friday, September 23, 2005

So the big show's tomorrow, and we couldn't be more excited. We hope to see as many of you as possible. 7 bands. $3. It's like the dollar menu of music.

The Old 97's new live double disc Alive and Wired is more fun than you can shake a stick at.
Come to think of it, who shakes sticks? That seems pretty lame to me. Was that an insult "back in the day" to shake a stick at someone? Nowadays we just pull out our guns and ice those punks. Ah, simpler times.

So in order to look presentable to the public eye, I shaved the scruff and even got a haircut. It's shorter than normal.

Shave and a haircut... two bits.
Or is it four bits?
Oh who cares, it's a stupid song anyway.

Counting the hours,

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Today we hit the 10,000 plays mark on our site. Since we put our EP up for streaming the plays just kept on coming. So thanks to everyone! In fact, if you head over to that site right now, you might even be able to listen to a new song! Or maybe I'm just lying. Only one way to find out.

Let's keep the listens coming! Keep in mind the files on PureVolume aren't the greatest quality of sound and if have a few bucks sitting around, you can still order the disc via our website and we'll even send you some free goodies!

All the best,

Monday, September 19, 2005

It isn't often that two of your favorite bands release new CDs on the same day is it?
Well tomorrow is that day for me.

One of my all-time favorites, Canadian rocker Matthew Good will be releasing his "box set" of sorts called In a Coma while alt-country titans Old 97's "drop" their live double CD entitled Alive and Wired. Luckily I pre-ordered both so I'm reeeeally hoping I have some goodies waiting for me in my mailbox after work.

I'll ask that no one call me the rest of the week. I have listening to do.

5 more days until the big show...

Come see my stubble and tell me how gross I look.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Doug is finally moved into his house. Packing yesterday and loading/moving/unloading today. We lifted heavy stuff. My back hurts. Tomorrow we work at 6am. Yes, on a Sunday.

Besides all this, I don't mind since we have a spectacular weekend ahead of us in just seven days.

Shirts are still in the works along with new stickers and maybe some other fun stuff. We'll see.

Only nine more weeks before I can shave again.

I could have sworn this entry would be more interesting. I hate being wrong.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

For the last week now I've listened to the exact same iTunes playlist every day at work. Around 70 Matthew Good (Band) songs on shuffle. Am I tired of listening to it? Not a chance.

We promise September 24th to be an ENY show that will go down in history. At least, in the history of the Liquid Cellar. We have big things planned, and you don't want to miss the fun.

And yes, I am going to mention Jennannapalooza in every blog entry. It's that important.

Dave Hawkeye told me today that my favorite beer, Killian's Irish Red, is basically just Coor's Light with red coloring. Is this true?
Meh, I don't stand a chance arguing beers with a bartender.
Damn you, Dave!

Doug ate Zebra Cakes today.
Yeah, hard to believe, right?


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We are sooooooo getting shirts. If you cross your fingers, clap your hands, and wish really hard, we may even have them in time for Jennannapalooza. That's a big maybe. We'll see. Save up those pennies because you'll be able to buy them online too.

I'll post a picture of the design soon. We dig it. You might too.

I think I'm gonna break out the Prodigy on the 24th and you DO NOT want to miss that!

That's enough.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Productivity was the name of the game tonight. Doug and I had a couple drinks and decided it was time to crack down and get a few things done. We fixed his blasted guitar effects pedal which crapped out on him a couple gigs ago. Mine had done something similar so I fixed that yesterday and decided it was time to take on the world, so we cracked his open and the surgery was a success. We're both back in working order. Then we decided it was time for some merch upgrades, so we finally settled on a design we actually liked and will be seen on t-shirts and new stickers in the coming weeks. Yeah. Shirts. We're gettin' those.

Then we watched the new episode of Family Guy which totally ended our reign of productivity.

He's moving into a house next Saturday and then he, myself, and Bert will be working Sunday at 6am. When am I going to have time to sit on my can and not get anything done? Life is so unfair.

Drink Killian's Irish Red. We drank Bud Light tonight, but do as I say, not as I do.

Til we meet again...


Saturday, September 10, 2005

So....uh... yeah. Playing some shows would be fun. Communication within Orlando's venue circuit absolutely sickens me at times.

New music was recorded in the past couple days and is being carefully inspected and prepared for possible future performance.
That was my scientific way of saying "There's a new song we might play at shows."

Doug and I came close to throwing hands yesterday when he pointed out to me that I've been slowly developing a pattern in my t-shirt wearing. Same ones every week? Possibly. Maybe I do see it. It goes something like this:

Monday - Limbeck
Tuesday - Limbeck
Wednesday - Sherwood
Thursday - Limbeck
Friday - Moog

Someone should buy me some new shirts then, because damn if these don't fit me well and make me look goooooood. Size small. Nothing sleeveless. That's not an option.

I apologize in advance to anyone who may have to see me in the coming days due to friendly competition within the workplace. I won't be shaving. It won't be pretty.

Hey, LOOK:

September 24, 2005 @ the Liquid Cellar

7pm, $3, 18+

From Adam to Atom
Early Next Year

This show will be talked about for months to come, provided at least one person is sober enough to remember it.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Updated our shows page on the main website and MySpace. Good stuff coming your way.

Why is it that bookers for venues don't ever seem to email you back? I mean, seriously, (in best Jerry Seinfeld voice) what's the deal with that?
We were kind of hoping to play some dates in other parts of Florida, but apparently every force of nature is working against us.

However, Jennannapalooza is coming. Soon now. Soon.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I started recording new demos today. That means that we might play new songs at some point.

Wow... we're really scrapping for news.

Even though we're attempting to update this thing every day, doesn't mean our material is going to be interesting.

Oh, hey how about this. In October we're playing with a band on the label Takeover Records. That should be fun.


Monday, September 05, 2005

We're five days into September. I'm glad. August kind of sucked.

Regardless, here's my top 5 for the past month:

1. Pay raises
2. Holidaysburg
3. The Moog Prodigy
4. Free drinks at venues
5. Ti'Juana Flats moving in down the road.

I really had to think on that one. Never a good sign.
In other news I made the best iTunes playlist at work a few days ago. 70 Matthew Good songs, set on shuffle.

The weekend was grand. I actually had some fun. It was different than usual.

Jennannapalooza is just weeks away.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hey there kids,
JoAnna here. Sorry I haven't been posting lately. been doing so much reading that i may actually learn something this semester. So I'm trying to catch up right now. Shows have been going real well, and like Wes has said, we're working real hard to get those all ages shows, but its not as easy as it looks. I was thinking about a guerilla show at the top of a UCF parking lot. They are NOT illegal, but you have to supply all the power somehow. I know another band called Ten Fold practices up there sometimes, but you can't hold an age limit on an outside show. I'll get more info from them before we speak of this again.

New listenings:
Unwritten Law - Here's to the Mourning. Actually turned out to be a great cd from a band I used to LOVE back in middle school. (Yes, they are that old. you just didnt know it) The singles aren't the best tracks off the album so dont judge it by that, but what cd actually has the best song as the single anyway? This is one of those cds you can pop in and let it go. no tracks to skip.

Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil. Nice sophomore album from the stage named weirdos. If I had never actually seen their faces, I would love this band so much more. I can't get into the whole white face paint and pitch black hair. but what do i know. anyway, the actual disc is amazing. those kids can f***ing rip on the guitars. if you like math rock and crazy guitar solos, this cd is perfect.

Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon. F***ing AWESOME. This is one of my favorite bands that I have seen countless times and they FINALLY came out with their second full length album. Every track is crazy with spaztic drums and high-speed guitar licks. My favorite by far. The vocalist actually sings a few bars along the way too. not ALL screaming like Last Night In Town.

Thats enough for now. go out there and listen.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's been a pretty long and rough week, however I've been granted a three day weekend just to chill out and decompress. Last night was drinks with Doug, his wife, and some of her co-workers. They're all ENY fans, and make it out to a lot of our shows, so it was good just to talk with them and hear some funny stories. Doug and I killed two pitchers of Miller...okay, so Doug and I killed one pitcher, and he pretty much killed the other on his own. Today is cookout day with some of my co-workers. I think I'm destined not to remember the next few days.

Bert flew home to Ohio for the holiday, so we'll get back into the swing of things when he returns.

I put a new picture up on the left side there. It's a good one. It was taken right after we finished our promotional photos and Doug and I decided to push Bert and JoAnna off the roof. You can see that I'm bracing myself and holding onto shingles since high places and I don't get along.

I've been trying to finish up some new songs. Trying. I have a few on the backburner and plan to do some demo recording on Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone. I hope to.


Friday, September 02, 2005

We found out recently that people are actually reading the random crap we post on here so I decided to write again. I wish I could say we had big big shows planned for every night this month but, sadly, we don't. However, the two shows that we do have planned prove to be some of our most exciting yet. I hope everyone can come out and support us and all the other bands as we struggle to stand at Jenannapalooza on Sept. 24 at Liquid Cellar virtually all our favorite local bands are on the bill(including us) and it's gonna be an amazing show. Stick with us in the future on this journal for more frequent and hopefully more informative entries. That is all.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm taking a short break from being a complete and utter failure at life to bring you these exciting updates:

  • First, you can read an article on our band by clicking here.

  • Second, if you're a student at the University of Central Florida, you can pick up a copy of our record at the Park Ave Jr. record store.

  • Thirdly, we don't have any shows for a while. That could change at any moment. In fact, we have an big show coming up on October 1st. It's gonna be amazing.

  • Go to sleep.