Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Rentals, The 'Bald, and Image.

I just remembered that I was ignoring this. Probably to the point where no one will read it anymore.

Last Tuesday I attended the best concert thus far of 2007.
The Rentals played a killer show at House of Blues in Orlando. It was a show I never thought I'd see! They broke up when I was pretty young but I still played their songs religiously and pushed them on anyone who had the misfortune of riding in my car. Heck, Early Next Year even covers The Rentals' song "Waiting at shows from time to time. It was all in all a big deal. I got to stand through their fantastic 90 minute set and heard every tune that I wanted to. To top it all off, I got to go backstage before their set and meet and greet with the band. I've been a huge Matt Sharp fan since the early days of Weezer, so meeting him was a real treat. Rather than tell him how much I enjoy his music and how much it has influenced my own, we instead geeked out over Moog synthesizers. The rest of the band was just as cool and down to earth but eventually they were pulled away by stagehands to go and play their set.
It's now the concert to beat in my book.

Also, I'm so happy that the band got to see Piebald on their second to last pass through Florida. We actually got to see them several times in one year. They are also a big influence on the band and someone we can all listen to. Recently they broke the news that they'd be breaking up after their current tour. That's very sad, but they are leaving us with some great records and great memories.

Lastly, in our ongoing attempts at bettering ourselves as both people and a band, we have been spending a lot of time discussing our live stage show and band image. They are both two very important points that cannot be ignored if you want to make your passion a career. They are also two points that we are taking very seriously. We've been at this band thing for over 4 years now and whenever we look back at old pictures or video clips we see the progression that we have made since then. At our last show, we had lots of people telling us that we were the best we've ever been and they've seen nothing yet! We've all been shopping around for some new threads and we plan to unveil a brand new look and attitude to go with our new and improved stage show.

It's a very exciting time to be in Early Next Year.

Don't forget that we'll be playing live on Winter Park, Florida's WPRK 91.5 FM on Wednesday, September 26th at 10pm. You can tune in online by heading to www.wprkdj.org and clicking the "Listen Online!" link.


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