Monday, July 31, 2006

I prefer normal Tang over the Wu-Tang clan.

Finally after many days at work listening to the 5 tracks on Purevolume, I finally managed to grab a copy of the Say Anything record " a Real Boy". Alright, fine... so Bert grabbed it for me, but I got it nonetheless. I really don't know why I waited so long to pick up this record. I think it's one of the most inspirational albums I've heard in a long time. If you know me (which you only think you do) then you're probably aware that I'm a HUGE sucker for concept albums. I honestly believe that every album should be one. To me, a Real Boy takes that to the next level. Written in the format of a "rock opera" and similar to Green Day's "American Idiot" it takes the listener on a trip through the mind of the main character who, in his day to day life, will stop and break out into song anywhere about anything. It's really nice to hear an artist say whatever he wants about anything he wants to and keeps it brutally honest. No sappy metaphors or blanketed analogies, he keeps it real.
I've been listening to it non-stop, and I suggest that you do the same if you haven't already.

It makes me want to sit down and finish our next album. Almost.

In other news, we picked up a show this coming Thursday at Back Booth in Orlando. We'll be sharing the stage with Worth Fighting For, who we haven't played with since Jennannapalooza was it? And Woodale, Derek Stroker, & Meryll whom we'll be seeing for the first time.
9pm, 18+, $5 cover. Should be a blast. This is kind of a live rehearsal for our show in Ocala. Those are the best.

Keep it real. 4-eva.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear... and backwards.

As usual... behind on the blogging.

THURSDAY - All ENYers went downtown to catch the awesome show happening at Back Booth. Inkwell, History, and some other bands I can't remember right now played. Good show overall. The opening bands were all fairly decent and there was theme for the evening where nearly all the bands had a female bass player. JoAnna feels that much cooler for being a drummer.
History, the remnants of what was Sound the Alarm, played a great show. It was my first time ever seeing them and I would definitely go out of my way to do so again. Their songs were catchy and they had a Moog player which was fun to watch. Interestingly enough, we both share the same tattoo. I geeked out on that with him for a minute.
Inkwell closed the show. Our first time seeing them too. Doug and I had verged on the obsessed with that band for quite a while and were super excited to finally see how it went live. It went awesome. It really was an inspiring performance. Everyone on stage looked like they were having the time of their lives and the music was super tight and I don't think anyone missed a note.
We ran into a lot of friends throughout the night and made a lot of new ones as well. Familiar faces included Donnie, Touch, and Phil from Fellsmere, Marc from Rory, Drunk Jenn, and Anna.

I finally finished cleaning and moving the crap out of my apartment. It took a couple nights, but cleaning up three years of filth was easier than I imagined. Thankfully I live with some strong fellas who could lift the heavy crap and have a great girlfriend who volunteered to clean a guy's bathroom. I pretty much owe her big time for that.

We might have a last minute show this week, but we don't know yet.
However, we're still going to Ocala in a week. With Rory.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Did Timmy fall in the well again?

I'm sorry that Doug used this blog to invade your lives.
I apologize that he had the audacity to bump a critical post about where to buy our CD down a notch in order to talk about his Pokemon games, or whatever it is he's into these days.

It just occured to me that I haven't explained in explicit detail the events that transpired during our last few shows. Perhaps that's because nothing special happened. I could tell you about how hot in was in Ocala or how we had to haul our crap up the stairs again at AKA in Orlando... but I won't.
Ocala was hot, and we did haul crap up some stairs in Orlando. The sound at AKA Lounge was bad. All I could hear in my monitor was Doug's guitar. I couldn't even hear the snare drum despite the fact that I was standing less than five feet away from it. We botched some songs. Most of them, really.

We are super exicted about our next K&K Show. Hopefully we'll have a few more heads out this time around. We'll be playing a big set. 11 songs if we have the time. So come out, rock out, and bring your friends along.

In other news, we're back on track for getting new promotional photos done, as well as setting up a time to shoot our music video. It looks like Through My Eyes is currently ahead for being used as the song. It has more substance lyrically and could have a better overall treatment.
I'm still waiting to hear back as to what the treatment is exactly.
It seems that we'll be filming most of it within our house and shooting performance footage at a location that's still TBD.

I was reading MSN news during a break from work today. The big news was that one of the dudes from NSYNC is gay.


Practice continues this weekend. Expect us to be amazing on the 5th.

What the heck is up with MySpace these days. Takes me 3 hours to load my page, and another 2 just to read each message. Can the youth of the world please migrate to another voyeuristic website site already?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm Batman.

"There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second."

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mario Bros. is my ringtone

So, it's been a while since anyone other than Wes has touched this thing. I actually just wanted to come on here to let all of you know that I do have a life outside the band and most of it is spent with my eyes glued to my XBox 360 so if you share my addiction and would like to join me online for a game of whatever feel free to send a friend request to gamertag ENYGuitar. I know you probably could have figured that out on your own but now I'm putting it out there. So come kick my ass at some game to make yourself feel better. Street Fighter 2 is coming out for XBox Live Arcade in a couple weeks and I will never be heard from again, so you'd better hurry.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

I drop my cell phone a lot. No, really... like, a LOT.

Hello my fine, feathered friends.

If you live in the sunny state of Florida and you have yet to grab a copy of our Sarcasm is Your Friend EP due to not having a credit card, or not attending one of our shows, here is a list of indie record stores that you can walk into and order our CD from.
Once ordered, it will ship overnight, and you can pick up the next day.

So please keep that in mind. There's no excuse not to have a copy!
I've also included the zip codes so you can see just which store to order from.

Tell you friends.

CD Warehouse - 32073

Music Matters - 32084

Atlantic Sounds - 32114
Nite Fire Productions - 32117

Johns Records/Gmc - 32203
Smash Music - 32204
Big Al's - 32208
Smash Music - 32250
CD Connection - 32250
CD Warehouse - 32257

CD Warehouse - 32301
CD Warehouse - 32303
Vinyl Fever - 32304
CD Warehouse - 32312

House of Music - 32351

East Hill Cds - 32503

Jazz - 32548

Tone Vendor - 32601
CD Warehouse - 32608
Gospel Den Music - 32609

Billy Bones Music - 32626

Steves Downtown Music - 32720

CD Warehouse - 32730

CD Warehouse - 32803
Park Ave CD's - 32803
Rock n Roll Heaven - 32804
East - West Disc & Tapes - 32806

Ma's India - 32958

Captured Image - 33004

Blind Hairys Music - 33050

Hi-Fi Music - 33131
Base - 33139
Uncle Sam's - 33139
Route 66 - 33180
Walk of Fame DVD's - 33185
Confusion Records - 33403

AB-CD Sound & Cinema - 33405

Audio Center - 33441

Explosive Sounds - 33584

Krush Grooves - 33615
Cd City Tampa - 33618
Vinyl Fever - 33629
RF Productions - 33637

Asylum Sights & Sounds - 33707
Bananas Records - 33710

Distribution Video & Audio - 33755

Cheap Thrills - 33813

Record Trader - 33901

Tj'S Cd'S & More - 33952

Boogie Woogie - 34207

Boogie Woogie - 34231

Music Exchange - 34698


Friday, July 21, 2006

PETA needs to chillax.

Since our EP has been out for a year, and we've only sold a few hundred copies, and have a few hundred more to get rid of, we need everyone to help us out by posting this flyer on their websites/livejournals/myspaces.

Just right click it to get the photobucket code and go nuts.
I know it's cool. The girl who made it is even cooler.

Show tonight. Shocker, right?

I just went through a Matthew Good spree on my iPod. I feel so intellectual right now that I want to leave work to go play chess in the park while sipping on foreign teas and eating exotic biscuits. I feel so utterly pompous that I could crap in a bag, give it to someone and expect them to treat it as the best present ever. In fact, I think I'll try that and give it to Doug.

Now comes my music marathon from The Progress. All 3 CD's in a row. That's gonna be over with in about 20 minutes.

I get to sleep in tomorrow. I'm ever so excited. I want to celebrate by napping.

Last night on the History Channel I watched a special on the origins of Soda Pop. I'd love to tell you all about what I learned, but it was so freaking boring that I fell asleep. I'm drinking a soda right now and have no idea where it came from. Ignorance is bliss.

We finally got the plates for Van Diesel last night. I managed to put them on in the middle of the night with no light source. We can drive again!

Doug's parents are coming to the show tonight, as are JoAnna's, I believe. Bert and I will entertain ourselves by lounging on a couch, sipping on cheap beer and quoting "Anchorman."

I wish I invented the Salad Shooter.
I once imagined an idea for a mechanical device that would pick things off of the floor for you. Turns out I reinvented the vacuum cleaner.
I think I told that story before.

I believe everything I read on the internet, unless it's on

I cannot do long division in my head.
On that same note, I cannot do multiplication in my head either.
Or basic addition. Or subtraction.

The new Gym Class Heroes album, "As Cruel As School Children" comes out next Tuesday. Does someone want to buy it for me?

Okay, for real, time to get back to work.
It's been 15 minutes and I already miss being cursed out and hung up on by these people.
I do appreciate the tough love.

Today is National "Wear Your Boxer Shorts Backwards Day."
Okay, not really, but mine are backwards and I seriously need a good excuse for it.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Can't believe I love something as yellow as you.

Last night, kind of on a whim, I got a good 85% of my hair chopped off. I must say, I didn't realize how much weight I had been carrying around, and it's nice seeing my ears again. Poor lady at the hair salon had to use a chisel and a hammer to disconnect the shag from my head. After leaving there, I sped over to Amanda's place. After several looks at me she admitted "If you looked like that when I met you, I never would have dated you."

Ain't life grand.

(she was kidding...right?)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If you let the ferret out... you're gonna have a bad time.

Last night turned out to be our last full band practice before the show this Friday. In the previous entry, I mentioned that we have hit the semi-awesomness level, but I'm happy to report that the alert status has been kicked up to pretty-awesome. So hide the kids in the cellar and prepare to get your eyes, ears, and noses blown into next week.
Holy crap, I kind of just threatened everyone didn't I?

Regardless, I'm no longer terrified of taking the stage. Everyone has worked their butts off to make this a good show and I'm quite happy with how things are shaping up.

Anyone who really knows me is aware of the fact that the only form of sound that my 1994 Geo Prizm pumps out is from an ancient cassette deck through several cracked speakers. I'm old school.
Because I'm cheap and busy, I never bothered to get a CD player installed in my vehicle. Instead I would spend countless hours dubbing cassette tapes every time I bought a new CD so that those albums could be mobile. Over the last few months, this cassette deck of doom decided to slowly start eating the tapes one by one. I lost the oldest ones right off the bat, but that didn't quench it's thirst for analog blood, so over the last few months, it ate the newer tapes as well. Weezer, gone. Old 97's gone. The Progress, gone. Many others too indie and pretentious to list... gone. Luckily there were a couple of tapes that stuck with me including my cassette copy of Motion City Soundtracks "I Am The Movie" which I had to listen to for about 6 months straight because my only other tape, Limbeck's "Hi, Everything's Great" got too warm and the audio was pitched shifted down a couple notches making it unlistenable. Since I had about two albums in car rotation, I'll take on anyone in a trivia contest over those two records. I can sing them forwards and backwards in my sleep. Sometimes I still do. Why didn't I just dub more tapes? Because my home stereo broke as well! What are the odds, right? For future reference, do not buy RCA products.
Anyway, I swear I'm getting to the point here...
A week or so ago I burnt a CD for Amanda with some of my favorite songs on it. We never really see eye to eye on music. She's into a lot of 80's rock (which I enjoy as well, but do not appreciate on quite as deep a level as she) and she also enjoys some good booty-shakin' tunes as well. I made this CD for her in an attempt to force my likes upon her. So last night when I show up to her place she was eager to show me that she had purchased a boat-load of blank tapes and had already dubbed me one for the road.
On this tape was the same CD of my favorite songs that I'd made for her plus Weezer's Blue Album.
Yeah. That's the bee's knee's right there.
In fact, if that's not love then I don't know what love is.

If anyone wants to bring me cassettes at future shows, feel free, but if they suck or have hardcore songs on them, they're getting tossed out the window. In fact, if anyone makes me an old-school mixtape that I actually like, maybe they can win some new merch or something.

For those of you who read the Moog Music website on a regular basis (Yes, I'm well aware that I'm the only one who does) they've been working on getting a new synth out to the masses called the "Little Phatty." It's gonna be the coolest thing the world has seen ever. I preordered this monster several days after it was announced. They're only making 1,200 of them total, so right now I'm on a waiting list waiting to hear my fate on the matter. Will I get it? I'd better.
I've been interested in upgrading my synth for a variety of reasons. First off, my current synth, the MG-1, is from 1979 and has some problems staying in tune and isn't quite ballsy enough for what I need it to do. I bought a Prodigy last year in hopes of getting a better sound, but that synth needs some TLC and rarely leaves my closet. Now us Moogheads are on the verge of getting a piece of gear that's new, stable, reliable, and sounds unlike anything I've ever heard.
The other reason I wanted to upgrade so badly is because as soon as people see me lug the synth on stage, they immediately start the comparisons between ENY and Motion City Soundtrack. I think these comparisons are pretty ridiculous since I know we don't sound like them.
I can't count the amount of times at shows that people have asked me if I bought the synth because of them. The answer is no, I did not. I was in the market for a Moog long before they came onto the scene. Consider this... ENY has been a band for 3 years. How long has MCS been in the spotlight? Maybe two years max. That's why I see them as more of a contemporary. I don't try to copy them, I see them as band doing something very similar to what we are doing, and right now, they're just doing it better. So if the synth player in that band has any common sense, he'll purchase a Little Phatty as well, so one day when we're back to using the same synth, it's not because I'm copying him.
I have original thoughts, you know.

Glad to get that off my chest. It'd been bugging me for ages.

Yeah, so the music video discussion is heating up over on the ENY MySpace group. Cast your votes now while you still can.

Oh, and hardcore music still sucks.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is your house on fire, Clark?

WES implies the following:

ENY has become a practicing machine.
We're trying to pull our crap together for our show on Friday so we don't look like it's our first show ever. Will it happen? Who knows. I'm really hoping to look and sound professional.
I would highly recommend coming to the Friday night gig at the AKA Lounge in downtown Orlando to see what we've been cooking up.
We recently began to realize that our live set was becoming a bit... well... blah, so we huddled inside our laboratory, mixed chemicals, gauged fusion reactions, noted all possible outcomes in the ledger, and maybe even mixed a few drinks here and there. The result? Semi-awesomeness. We're hoping to kick it up to Pure Awesomeness, but I hate making promises I can't keep. Plus, if this show sucks, then I'll probably just quit the band.

Moving on.

We're in talks to shoot a music video for one of the tunes off of our "Sarcasm is Your Friend" EP. Right now, we have it narrowed down to two songs.

Through My Eyes vs. Completely

Cast your votes here, on MySpace, or by calling Carson Daly and requesting it on the TRL countdown.
Speaking of Carson Daly. He's a tool. In fact, he's the only woman I would ever slap... aside from Martha Stewart.

Now I'm just making things up.
Most of us have new gear that we'll be showing off at the show. Come tell Doug that just because he can be loud, it doesn't mean he has to be.

I leave work now with scraps upon scraps of paper riddled with witty lines and dodgy innuendo. Time to put together some songs.

Anyone been watching the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1? Amanda and I have been doing a good job at keeping up with it. I don't care who wins, I just like watching a quiz show where I actually know some of the answers. I can watch Jeopardy until I'm blue in the face, but when it's over, all I can think is "didn't Alex Trebek used to have a mustache?"

$5 to anyone who can identify the reference in the title of this blog post.
No purchase necessary. Not applicable to friends, family, or members of ENY. Void where prohibited.

Apologies to anyone who has ordered merch from our online store and not received it. Moving took me three months longer than I expected. You'll have it soon.

I went to the mall this weekend. Granted, it's probably been about two years since I went to a mall, but when did scene kids take over as resident Mallrats? I remember the "Abercrombie" crowd being the dominant species the last time I was there, but apparently, they've all gotten $100 mullet haircuts and put on eyeliner. I've never seen so many people standing outside of Hot Topic arguing about which hardcore band has the best lyrics. I wasn't aware hardcore songs even had words. Unless "Chugga-chugga-wheeee-oooooh-WAGHUAGHUAGHU!" means something now. I'll have to consult my "Scene Speak Dictionary."
Speaking of mullets... to the trendy kid who had an actual mullet, white belt, and the mildew-yellow tshirt on: You're a tool. No one will ever love you and you will probably die alone.
I have decided never to go to the mall again if it can be avoided. I'll sooner put on clown makeup and create questionable balloon animals at birthday parties.

In fact, I may do that anyway just to amuse myself.

Van Diesel's temporary tags expired after our last show. We don't have plates yet. This could present a problem.

My bathroom is possibly the coldest place on earth aside from the heart of Bob Barker.

I wish promoters at venues would email me back. Not like it's their job or anything...

I built a lot of new bridges today. I can't wait to go home and burn them.

Don't play with fire.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Your mom RSVPed. She's bringing the Tequila.


Some of you may be sitting there asking yourselves... just what does Wes do while he's at work all day besides talk to prospective leads of Full Sail College?

Well... let me tell you. When I'm not making calls, talking to Amanda, booking shows, harassing Bert and Doug, tending to the MySpace, or watching videos on YouTube, then I'm reading articles on

This is my new favorite page on the internet. You can learn almost anything about anything... almost. It's a great way to kill some time. Have a favorite band? Look them up and learn some stuff you may not have known about the members, the songs, or their releases. Have a favorite movie? Look it up and find out something that happened behind the scenes. Have a favorite book? Wait... no one reads anymore, so that's not applicable.
It's crazy how lost you can get on that site by just clicking a few links.

I give it two thumbs in the upright position.

Do I need to sign my name on these things anymore?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006



We're practicin' and bookin' and hopefully tourin'. Keep an eye on the MySpace for updates. We've actually added on an all ages show at the Orlando Science Center for August 11th, so if you haven't seen us in a while, this is a good opportunity. You'll have a much easier time convincing your parents to take you to a science center for a show rather then a bar or pub. Trust me.

We've realized that our live set had been getting a bit stale as of late, so we came up with some new stuff to inject some life and freshness into it. We'll be trying out some crazy stuff at AKA Lounge in Orlando on July 21st. So come support and have your mind blown all over again.

If you read this blog, then thank you. I've noticed that the views have been slowly increasing over the past few months and this is pretty much the best way to get up to date info on what's happening in our music-related lives. You get the scoop here.

Also, I'm gonna start tacking on band recommendations for music every week or so. Since I'm the only one who really blogs on here, I'll show you what other band members have been listening to and enjoying:

Wes recommends:
The Progress - Merit
Gym Class Heroes - The Papercut Chronicles
The Early November - The Mechanic, The Mother, & The Path
Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds

Bert recommends:
Project 86 - Songs to Burn Your Bridges By
In Flames - Come Clarity
Tool - 10,000 Days

Doug recommends:
Blackpool Lights - This Town's Disaster
Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer
Inkwell - These Stars Are Monsters
Every Time I Die - Hot Damn!

I don't know what JoAnna recommends because I don't work with her.

Listen and enjoy!

Also, I think you can leave comments on this thing now. If you read this, say hello.
Be nice about it.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Home again... for the first time.

I bring you my first blog from the ENY House. I finally moved the rest of the way in. As I sit here on my bed, barely able to see the TV over a large amount of boxes covering the floor, I realize that I have a lot of crap.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Anniversary! Now go home.

Well hello!

My apologies for being a lazy blogger. It happens from time to time.
Along the line here, we missed some anniversaries.

July 5th, 2006 marked the one year anniversary of our Sarcasm is Your Friend EP being released. Yeah, it's been out for a year, and we still have hundreds of them in our living room. Do us a favor and buy one already?

July 7th, 2006 (which is today) marks the 3 year anniversary of Early Next Year being a band. To be completely honest, we don't remember when Doug and myself got the ball rolling on this whole project, so I just count the day that we met. And I don't know the date we met because I'm all girly and senitmental, I remember it because it was the day we started college.

So now that our CD has been out for a year, that really means that we have 365 days to write, record, and release a new disc, right? I mean, that's how it works.

Yeah, we're getting to that. We have maybe three... four... five new songs? Something like that. More coming.

Enjoy your weekends.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Is 110% even possible?

Alright, so I'm not 100% sure how all of this happened, but due to laziness, rain, and total and utter lack of motivation, I have yet to completely move into the ENY house. I'd say I'm a good 55% moved at this point. So as things stand at the moment, I'm spending my time at either my apartment where my clothes are located, the house where my bed is located, or at Amanda's where my girlfriend is located. On any given day I'm not entirely sure where the things I need even are. I need to just suck it up and get my clothes, computer, and tv over to the house where I can maintain some sort of presence. Plus, the sooner I get out of the apartment, the sooner I can clean that sucker and get my security deposit back. Although, as all of my visitors have told me, this is a lost cause. That apartment is a 3 year wreck in progress.
Moving sucks. It rained every time I tried to take initiative. Crap, it's even raining right now. I'm going to drink my coffee and surf the net.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Blow some crap up.
Amanda bought a small load of fireworks over the weekend which Bert detonated in the backyard. He's such a pyro.

If anyone needs me, there are now 3 locations to search. Have a blast with that.

I think we're show-free for a while, which could be nice since we have some work to do.
Work? Psh. What's that?