Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is your house on fire, Clark?

WES implies the following:

ENY has become a practicing machine.
We're trying to pull our crap together for our show on Friday so we don't look like it's our first show ever. Will it happen? Who knows. I'm really hoping to look and sound professional.
I would highly recommend coming to the Friday night gig at the AKA Lounge in downtown Orlando to see what we've been cooking up.
We recently began to realize that our live set was becoming a bit... well... blah, so we huddled inside our laboratory, mixed chemicals, gauged fusion reactions, noted all possible outcomes in the ledger, and maybe even mixed a few drinks here and there. The result? Semi-awesomeness. We're hoping to kick it up to Pure Awesomeness, but I hate making promises I can't keep. Plus, if this show sucks, then I'll probably just quit the band.

Moving on.

We're in talks to shoot a music video for one of the tunes off of our "Sarcasm is Your Friend" EP. Right now, we have it narrowed down to two songs.

Through My Eyes vs. Completely

Cast your votes here, on MySpace, or by calling Carson Daly and requesting it on the TRL countdown.
Speaking of Carson Daly. He's a tool. In fact, he's the only woman I would ever slap... aside from Martha Stewart.

Now I'm just making things up.
Most of us have new gear that we'll be showing off at the show. Come tell Doug that just because he can be loud, it doesn't mean he has to be.

I leave work now with scraps upon scraps of paper riddled with witty lines and dodgy innuendo. Time to put together some songs.

Anyone been watching the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1? Amanda and I have been doing a good job at keeping up with it. I don't care who wins, I just like watching a quiz show where I actually know some of the answers. I can watch Jeopardy until I'm blue in the face, but when it's over, all I can think is "didn't Alex Trebek used to have a mustache?"

$5 to anyone who can identify the reference in the title of this blog post.
No purchase necessary. Not applicable to friends, family, or members of ENY. Void where prohibited.

Apologies to anyone who has ordered merch from our online store and not received it. Moving took me three months longer than I expected. You'll have it soon.

I went to the mall this weekend. Granted, it's probably been about two years since I went to a mall, but when did scene kids take over as resident Mallrats? I remember the "Abercrombie" crowd being the dominant species the last time I was there, but apparently, they've all gotten $100 mullet haircuts and put on eyeliner. I've never seen so many people standing outside of Hot Topic arguing about which hardcore band has the best lyrics. I wasn't aware hardcore songs even had words. Unless "Chugga-chugga-wheeee-oooooh-WAGHUAGHUAGHU!" means something now. I'll have to consult my "Scene Speak Dictionary."
Speaking of mullets... to the trendy kid who had an actual mullet, white belt, and the mildew-yellow tshirt on: You're a tool. No one will ever love you and you will probably die alone.
I have decided never to go to the mall again if it can be avoided. I'll sooner put on clown makeup and create questionable balloon animals at birthday parties.

In fact, I may do that anyway just to amuse myself.

Van Diesel's temporary tags expired after our last show. We don't have plates yet. This could present a problem.

My bathroom is possibly the coldest place on earth aside from the heart of Bob Barker.

I wish promoters at venues would email me back. Not like it's their job or anything...

I built a lot of new bridges today. I can't wait to go home and burn them.

Don't play with fire.


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