Sunday, July 30, 2006

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear... and backwards.

As usual... behind on the blogging.

THURSDAY - All ENYers went downtown to catch the awesome show happening at Back Booth. Inkwell, History, and some other bands I can't remember right now played. Good show overall. The opening bands were all fairly decent and there was theme for the evening where nearly all the bands had a female bass player. JoAnna feels that much cooler for being a drummer.
History, the remnants of what was Sound the Alarm, played a great show. It was my first time ever seeing them and I would definitely go out of my way to do so again. Their songs were catchy and they had a Moog player which was fun to watch. Interestingly enough, we both share the same tattoo. I geeked out on that with him for a minute.
Inkwell closed the show. Our first time seeing them too. Doug and I had verged on the obsessed with that band for quite a while and were super excited to finally see how it went live. It went awesome. It really was an inspiring performance. Everyone on stage looked like they were having the time of their lives and the music was super tight and I don't think anyone missed a note.
We ran into a lot of friends throughout the night and made a lot of new ones as well. Familiar faces included Donnie, Touch, and Phil from Fellsmere, Marc from Rory, Drunk Jenn, and Anna.

I finally finished cleaning and moving the crap out of my apartment. It took a couple nights, but cleaning up three years of filth was easier than I imagined. Thankfully I live with some strong fellas who could lift the heavy crap and have a great girlfriend who volunteered to clean a guy's bathroom. I pretty much owe her big time for that.

We might have a last minute show this week, but we don't know yet.
However, we're still going to Ocala in a week. With Rory.


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