Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Did Timmy fall in the well again?

I'm sorry that Doug used this blog to invade your lives.
I apologize that he had the audacity to bump a critical post about where to buy our CD down a notch in order to talk about his Pokemon games, or whatever it is he's into these days.

It just occured to me that I haven't explained in explicit detail the events that transpired during our last few shows. Perhaps that's because nothing special happened. I could tell you about how hot in was in Ocala or how we had to haul our crap up the stairs again at AKA in Orlando... but I won't.
Ocala was hot, and we did haul crap up some stairs in Orlando. The sound at AKA Lounge was bad. All I could hear in my monitor was Doug's guitar. I couldn't even hear the snare drum despite the fact that I was standing less than five feet away from it. We botched some songs. Most of them, really.

We are super exicted about our next K&K Show. Hopefully we'll have a few more heads out this time around. We'll be playing a big set. 11 songs if we have the time. So come out, rock out, and bring your friends along.

In other news, we're back on track for getting new promotional photos done, as well as setting up a time to shoot our music video. It looks like Through My Eyes is currently ahead for being used as the song. It has more substance lyrically and could have a better overall treatment.
I'm still waiting to hear back as to what the treatment is exactly.
It seems that we'll be filming most of it within our house and shooting performance footage at a location that's still TBD.

I was reading MSN news during a break from work today. The big news was that one of the dudes from NSYNC is gay.


Practice continues this weekend. Expect us to be amazing on the 5th.

What the heck is up with MySpace these days. Takes me 3 hours to load my page, and another 2 just to read each message. Can the youth of the world please migrate to another voyeuristic website site already?


Hannah said...

You guys aren't the only ones super excited about the K&K show. I think about half of Ocala is. =]

11songs? Sweet deal.

Courtney said...

im very excited about the 11 songs!! thats awesome