Wednesday, August 31, 2005

For some reason, the jerk who lives in the apartment across from my bedroom window suddenly thought it would be a good idea to leave his porch light on all night every night. I'm totally going to sneak over and unscrew the bulb in the middle of the night. I have enough trouble sleeping without him adding insult to injury.

So the show... awesome. The downside of the AKA Lounge is that you have to haul your gear up a huge flight of stairs and all of our amplifiers are quite weighty. But we got through it, waited a bit for them to set the stage then loaded on for our opening spot. After soundcheck it came to our attention that bands were receiving free PBRs so we decided to take advantage of that. Our set went quite well, we played about 45 minutes and despite our newest song being a trainwreck and me being completely out of tune while playing a cover, the rest went very well. The energy was great and the crowd was very receptive. We recognized a lot of faces and there was a great turnout for a Tuesday night show.

The Heathens followed us and put on a great high energy show as well. Our friend Jeff (aka Mumpsy) plays drums for them so it was good to see him again. Those guys have a style all their own. You should definitely check them out if the opportunity arises (they have a banjo... how cool is that?).

After that From Adam to Atom went on with their new drummer Andy (formerly of Ask Me Later) and they were also amazing. Very tight and catchy songs. We're looking forward to doing some shows with them in the future.

Overall a very fun night. Dave Hawkeye graced us with his presence and catching up with other friends provided highly entertaining. We may have some things in the near future, but our next scheduled gig is September 24 @ The Liquid Cellar for Jannannapalooza! That show will be the bee's knees. Don't miss it.
For October we're planning to go see the state via some short bursts of touring. We'll have news on that soon.

My apologies to our younger fans. We're doing all we can to book more all ages shows, but when we do, we need people to actually show up. It's give and take.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the last few gigs. We've been having a blast!


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Okay, quick rundown of Saturday's show:

We show up and load in with no problem. Quick and efficient. Holidaysburg takes the stage a little after 10pm. Plays an hour long set that nearly melts my face off. They are an amazing band and everyone should head to and buy their new CD "A Better November".

We take the stage next and also play a pretty good set (if I do say so myself). We rock out for about 45 minutes and then proceed to take advantage of the free drinks we are offered. Then I am told that we were expected to play a second set. I didn't know this. So we improvise.

Holidaysburg heads back up to the stage (some of the members barely able to walk) and jam out three tunes. Then we head back up and play a bunch of old songs, a couple brand new ones, and then reprise four songs from the EP. As we're playing, people are bring me shots. So needless to say, I probably wasn't playing to my full potential, but I doubt anyone minded at that point. A good time was had by all.

Then we had to load out. There was a terrible motorcycle accident which basically shut down the city. Bert and I were trying to bring our cars around but got detoured all over Orlando. We even were detoured the wrong way down a one-way street into a dead end parking lot where we sat until a cop happened to drive by, so we rushed her and she told us we could get through the jam if we told the police cars where we needed to get. Great.
So we get back into the mess and somehow I get separated from Bert who I was following. I continue to wander for another 20 minutes or so just looking for streets I know. I had forgotten my cell phone back at the venue with my gear, and I guess everyone was pretty worried about me. Once I found a main road, the cops refused to let me through so I kept on driving. I managed to spot Magnolia (same street as the bar was on) but I was about four blocks north and the street was one way (and not going the way I needed). I'm extremely frustrated at this point so I park and walk five minutes back to the venue. I show up there and somehow Bert managed to pull right up beside. His car is loaded so Doug runs up and asks where I'm parked so we can load. I remember just pointing in the general direction. So what did we do? We carried my gear four blocks to my car, and then we got the hell out of there.

I was in bed by 5am.

Great show, but one crappy after party.

That's the long of it. I feel better now that I've vented. Again.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Things are getting crazy....

Hey, this is the home of our new blog. Bookmark it. The old one will soon be gone.

We're now located here at


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So as Doug and I drove aimlessly up the 4-3-6 looking for a post office that had taken my new Moog synth hostage, we spy a multicolored building that hadn't been there previously. Upon closer inspection, we realized that's it's a new branch of the fantastic food chain known as TI'JUANA FLATS. Currently, this is the only restaraunt that ENY endorses. Best tacos in Florida. There's one right across the street from our rehearsal space, and now there's one five minutes from my door. We're going to have to go give this one a try in the coming days. Plus, Ti'Juana Flats apparently has a standard where they only hire attractive college girls. I'm a big supporter of this practice.

Oh, and we got the Moog. Prodigy - coming soon to stage near you.

FRIDAY NIGHT: 9pm at Back Booth in downtown Orlando. Local band Hawkeye will be playing. That is reason enough to go. We love those guys. They pretend to love us. It's almost like a real relationship. Go see them. We'll be there. We'll hang out. I might dance. You never know.

SATURDAY NIGHT: We're playing at Central Station Bar downtown with our boys Holidaysburg. 21+ welcome. Be there if you can, it's FREE. Tuesday is an 18+ show. You can make it up to us then.

Listen to "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" by The Anniversary.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's high time I came back and made a post here. Once again a million apologies for my absence from this here journal. Anyway enough with the pleasantries down to business. We've got a few great shows lined up for the end of this month. One at Central Station Bar with our friends from Holidaysburg on Saturday and another with an old friend on Tuesday, the drummer from Ask Me Later has formed a new band called From Adam to Atom and we'll be playing one of their first shows ever at AKA lounge we're playing first at 10 that night so it should be a good time. Also I recently subscribed to MusicMatch's on demand service so I've been calling up alot of my old favorite records to get me through the work day recently. Here are some of my new(old) favorites.

The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good
Violent Femmes - s/t
They Might Be Giants - Flood

Try those out if you're bored they'll get you through the hard times.


Monday, August 22, 2005

It's a sad day on my part. One of my heroes in life, Robert "Bob" Moog, pioneer of the analog synthesizer died yesterday. At age 71 he fell victim to a brain tumor that has plagued him since April. Bob created an amazing electronic instrument which revolutionized modern music. Personally, his invention affected me many years ago while listening to music. There was always a certain sound I had heard which I always wanted in my own songs. One day I learned about Moog Synthesizers and became hellbent on getting my hands on "that sound". Finally, after many months of research I got my hands on a Realistic Concertate MG-1 synth. It had the sound I craved. We use it live, and it can be heard on our record. I recently purchased a Moog Prodigy synth which you will see at future live events. The man changed the way I hear and play music. I thank him for that.

Please feel free to click over to to learn more.

Without Bob's contributions to music, bands like Yes, Stereolab, The Rentals, The Get Up Kids, Motion City Soundtrack, The Anniversary, Weezer, and even Early Next Year would be far different. We like those bands the way they are.

Some of you may have seen or heard about my...uh... "Moog dedication" but now it means even more to me.

Thanks Bob.

We're playing this Saturday with "The Burg". Come hang out if you're over 21. If you're underage, you could always hang outside.