Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So as Doug and I drove aimlessly up the 4-3-6 looking for a post office that had taken my new Moog synth hostage, we spy a multicolored building that hadn't been there previously. Upon closer inspection, we realized that's it's a new branch of the fantastic food chain known as TI'JUANA FLATS. Currently, this is the only restaraunt that ENY endorses. Best tacos in Florida. There's one right across the street from our rehearsal space, and now there's one five minutes from my door. We're going to have to go give this one a try in the coming days. Plus, Ti'Juana Flats apparently has a standard where they only hire attractive college girls. I'm a big supporter of this practice.

Oh, and we got the Moog. Prodigy - coming soon to stage near you.

FRIDAY NIGHT: 9pm at Back Booth in downtown Orlando. Local band Hawkeye will be playing. That is reason enough to go. We love those guys. They pretend to love us. It's almost like a real relationship. Go see them. We'll be there. We'll hang out. I might dance. You never know.

SATURDAY NIGHT: We're playing at Central Station Bar downtown with our boys Holidaysburg. 21+ welcome. Be there if you can, it's FREE. Tuesday is an 18+ show. You can make it up to us then.

Listen to "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" by The Anniversary.


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