Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Okay, quick rundown of Saturday's show:

We show up and load in with no problem. Quick and efficient. Holidaysburg takes the stage a little after 10pm. Plays an hour long set that nearly melts my face off. They are an amazing band and everyone should head to www.holidaysburg.com and buy their new CD "A Better November".

We take the stage next and also play a pretty good set (if I do say so myself). We rock out for about 45 minutes and then proceed to take advantage of the free drinks we are offered. Then I am told that we were expected to play a second set. I didn't know this. So we improvise.

Holidaysburg heads back up to the stage (some of the members barely able to walk) and jam out three tunes. Then we head back up and play a bunch of old songs, a couple brand new ones, and then reprise four songs from the EP. As we're playing, people are bring me shots. So needless to say, I probably wasn't playing to my full potential, but I doubt anyone minded at that point. A good time was had by all.

Then we had to load out. There was a terrible motorcycle accident which basically shut down the city. Bert and I were trying to bring our cars around but got detoured all over Orlando. We even were detoured the wrong way down a one-way street into a dead end parking lot where we sat until a cop happened to drive by, so we rushed her and she told us we could get through the jam if we told the police cars where we needed to get. Great.
So we get back into the mess and somehow I get separated from Bert who I was following. I continue to wander for another 20 minutes or so just looking for streets I know. I had forgotten my cell phone back at the venue with my gear, and I guess everyone was pretty worried about me. Once I found a main road, the cops refused to let me through so I kept on driving. I managed to spot Magnolia (same street as the bar was on) but I was about four blocks north and the street was one way (and not going the way I needed). I'm extremely frustrated at this point so I park and walk five minutes back to the venue. I show up there and somehow Bert managed to pull right up beside. His car is loaded so Doug runs up and asks where I'm parked so we can load. I remember just pointing in the general direction. So what did we do? We carried my gear four blocks to my car, and then we got the hell out of there.

I was in bed by 5am.

Great show, but one crappy after party.

That's the long of it. I feel better now that I've vented. Again.


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