Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New stuff, good tunes

Hey everybody it's been a while since I or anyone else has posted anything.

Recording is about to kick off in full effect. We are about to begin pre-production on the next record in the next couple weeks here. The plan, as of now, is to attack the tracking process in full force for about a week in mid-march. After that things are kind of up in the air, but I think our goal is to get the new record into your hands somewhere around July 4th. That would be very near the 2 year anniversary of the release of "Sarcasm is Your Friend." So I think you'll agree with us when we say "it's about freakin' time".

This is probably the most exciting time that I can remember in our history as a band. I have never been more excited about getting a group of songs out there. Some of them you've heard if you've been coming to shows and keeping an eye on our myspace, and some of them are brand new, but they are all amazing. I don't want to get an ego, but this record is gonna blow "Sarcasm" out of the water. I'm not at liberty to say who we'll be working with on this record, but suffice it to say it's somebody that we've looked up to for a long time. This person is probably gonna kick our asses in the studio and make sure that this record is as good as it can be.

So please be patient with us the next few months as we become very selective on what shows we choose to play. If we cancel a date in your area, please accept our apologies. After the record is out we're coming back with a new purpose and many new songs. So keep an eye on the blog for recording updates and all other ENY related updates and general craziness.

In the mean time go pick up the new Lifetime album that was just released. It's the best record I've heard in months. If you would have told me that their new album would be this good a few months back I would have doubted you. If you had told me that it would be better and more listenable than both "Jersey's Best Dancers" and "Hello Bastards" combined, I would have had you admitted to a mental hospital, but it is the best thing this band has ever done. Don't buy it because Pete Wentz says you should, buy it because it's fantastic music. It's an early candidate for album of the year (at least until our record comes out). Also, Alkaline Trio just released a collection of B-Sides called "Remains" go get that as well for an education into this band. It's amazing to me that some of their best songs never appeared on any album, pay special attention to "My Standard Break From Life", "Old School Reasons", and "Warbrain".

That should keep you all occupied until our next update. Until then, keep rockin'


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