Monday, February 26, 2007


Yesterday was day numero dos of our vacation to the crazy land known as pre-production. Day number two was perhaps a few weeks later than anticipated and now we are having to move at the speed of sound to accomplish everything that we want to before we begin tracking in March. We spent the most of the day with our producer jamming our hearts out and sweating profusely while playing new material, meanwhile he sat in a chair and bossed us made us sound better. Amazing how playing one riff for fifteen minutes straight can bring so many new ideas out into the open.

We focused on three songs and changed everything that was mediocre about them to make them amazing. Some changes really surprised us, others felt completely natural. It's bizarre when you've been playing a song for a year, or even several months and then trying to change something in the structure or progression can throw off your entire world. This is exactly the reason why we have to take a month just to practice the songs once it's recorded so we can do them justice in a live setting.

Ahead of us is a rigorous practice schedule which will pretty much eat up 4 out of 7 days in the week, but we are absolutely excited and giddy with anticipation. Giddy as school boys and school girls. We still have a lot of ground to cover, and little time to do it in, but we're gonna work hard and bring you guys the best album we can!

At this point we have 10 songs that we're toying with, but Mr. Producer Man (whose name we promise to reveal soon) wants us to bring at least two more tunes to the proverbial table. I have one song nearly 75% complete and another running at about 25%. I really don't know if percentages have a place in the examination of the songwriting process, but it felt natural.

So now we power through the week with practice, followed by practice, which is then followed by a quick break of throwing things against the wall and yelling, and then back to practice. This is one brutal schedule. On Sunday, "The Man" will be back to give us more direction.

It's crazy how this process is so entirely different than our "Sarcasm" EP in that we had absolutely no pre-production and well, let's face it... no production. Hence the whole "demo with a name" thang.

Stay tuned. We've barely tipped the iceberg.

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