Monday, March 05, 2007

Pre-Production: Day 3, 4, & 5

So I'm a bit behind. I'm always behind. The fact that I haven't been updating this thing every 5 minutes usually means that I am keeping busy, which is a good thing since there is a lot to be done.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we kept the Pre-Production ball rolling and continued to run through each little nuance of the songs. As things stand we are taking 12 tracks to the studio and are generally excited with how they are shaping up. Some have taken on completely new life while others remain similar to their original intent. It's exciting, I promise. We're really looking forward to playing some of these tunes live and can't wait for people to see how they've changed from how we were playing them previously. It's gonna turn heads, for sure.

On Friday, there was an 8 hour day of work and then it was right to rehearsal. We had worked songs to death the previous week and then started on 4 more. At this point we had 10 songs that we were ready to work with, but since options are always nice I decided that I could pen 2 more for the record, so after 3-4 hours of rehearsing I was then demoing on my computer for the rest of the night. I laid the groundwork for 2 brand new songs that were complete polar opposites. I think they'll develop into some of the strongest songs and hope they make the record.

Saturday was a full day of work and then back to rehearsals and more writing. Many other small details were thrown around and other parts restructured and then I laid vocals over the new tracks and added some polish to those suckers.

Sunday was a full 12 hour day of work and then back to rehearsals yet again for another round and then we took a bit of time to learn the new songs so we can start working on those at a feverish page throughout the week. Yoda listened to the new stuff and didn't hate it, so onward we went.

As you can see, we're busting our butts for this and we really want everyone to understand the blood, sweat, and tears that will go into the creation of this. We all had an exhausting but oh so gratifying weekend. On Friday we start bringing in all the recording gear where our producer/engineer will set up shop. I believe we'll also be bringing in a handful of extra amps and guitars to utilize.

It's just starting to dawn on me that we'll be making a record in just a few short days.
I still have many reservations about certain aspects of it all, but we have put full trust into The Chief that he will steer us in the direction we need to head.

Stay tuned for more details and prepare to be surprised.
That "Sarcasm" record? Psh. That was nothin'.

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