Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Recording: Days 3 & 4

I was slipping there for a day, but I'm back in action now.
Hopefully you enjoyed the video. I put absolutely way too much work into that for what it is.

Anyway, yesterday JoAnna finished up her drums... for now. We have 11 songs with drums. Gotta start somewhere, right? We still have one other tune that's up in the air as far as what we direction we will take with it. It might have some percussion and.... it might not. We don't know, honestly.

After drums wrapped up last night Travis set out to find a good bass tone for the record with a crazy old Mesa bass rig and a Marshall guitar amp. He does crazy things, but the sounds are crazy good.
Today was Bert's day to be in the spotlight and he, Travis, and JoAnna spent all day working on the record's lower end. I believe he completed bass lines for six tracks out of 12. Tonight we're going to turn the focus towards acoustic guitars for some mainlines and some backing layers and then tomorrow Bert will finish up with the bass (hopefully).

Hopefully more video to come soon. JoAnna had control of the camera all day while I was away at work, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of craziness she captured.

Are you still with us?
I know it sounds boring, but we're working dilligently and want you to hear this album. We only say that because we know how much you're going to love it.
Trust us.

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