Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Non-Recording: Day 1

Today is break day!!

We're getting a 2 day break to catch up on some sleep and not listen to our own music. It's much needed. It makes me smile though when even when we aren't making a record we're talking about it. Everyone here in camp ENY seems genuinely excited about getting this thing done and getting it out there even though we really don't want it to end. More vocals, harmonies, guitars, and handclaps are due in the future but I think we'll use the next couple days to just chill and catch up on our movie watching. I'll attempt to finish editing some video (if I can sit still long enough to focus) but most likely just be kind of lazy.

I have "Snakes on a Plane" on lease from Netflix and I am dying to watch it. I also want to see "300" sometime in the future. It comes highly recommended from Travis and everyone else I know who has seen it.

If anything exciting happens, rest assured that you will hear about it. I'm trying to book us a few shows for March, so keep an eye on that show listing.

Also, since I'm a bit behind on my music recommendations, here are a couple of records to check out!

Out Now:
Sherwood - A Different Light
A great new album from a great band. Please go get this record if you like music, life, and the world in general.

Out April 3, 2007:
Here are a few records being released on Bert's 22nd birthday!

Chevelle - Vena Sera
The Academy Is... - Santi

Out April 10, 2007:
Limbeck - Self Titled
This might be the only record of 2007 aside from ours that will matter.


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