Friday, March 09, 2007

Pre-Production: Days 6, 7, & 8

So apparently I'm updating in 3 day blocks now. Better an odd schedule than no schedule, right?

This will be quick...
Throughout Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we spent a lot of time just practicing. Just playing and replaying focusing mainly on songs that had significant changes and the brand new songs which are shaping up nicely and quite quickly. Most of our time has been spent standing in a circle in our kitchen staring at one another. It's been loud, long, exhausting, and exciting. The kicker? We aven't actually started recording yet!

We're feeling pretty good overall and are going into this with the correct mindset and fully prepared to do anything necessary to get the record that we hear in our heads.

Tonight we start bringing in all the studio gear. Computers, mixers, guitars, and lots of amps. Tonight the house officially turns into the recording studio.
There's no telling what we'll get to tonight, but tomorrow we're slated to get things rolling around noon. This is it. The time has come.
In fact, with my next post (whenever that may be), I'll finally give the heads up on who is at the helm of this project for the producing, engineering, and general awesomeness responsibilities.

Stay tuned everyone. We'll be making a conscious effort to grab photos and video as we have the time! This will be your best bet for up to date info for all things ENY.

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