Saturday, March 10, 2007

Recording: Day 1

Hey there!

So today is the big day. Today begins the recording process for our follow up record to our 2005 EP release "Sarcasm is Your Friend."
We've been preparing for quite a while now and for the next 8 days we plan to record as much stuff as humanly possible.

We've been concealing the identity of our producer, but now we're ready to tell the world who will be manning the wheel of our record, so to speak.
I'm very happy to announce that our CD is going to be engineered, mixed, and produced by a fellow by the name of Travis Adams. He's an Orlando based musician who recently produced the Band Marino record and is the former frontman of the Doghouse Records act, My Hotel Year. In his free time, he also sings for a little band known as Inkwell. He also engineered and produced their releases as well.

When it comes to bands that everyone in ENY can enjoy, MHY and Inkwell both made the list, so we set out to get him as our unofficial fifth member. Turns out he's a real nice fellow and he spent the last 2 weeks listening in on our practices, disecting our songs and giving advice and pointers on how to make them better, more dynamic, and more diverse. After getting used to everything, we're loving the new material more by the day.

As I've mentioned in previous postings, we opted to record in our house in Winter Park, FL rather than to spend a buttload of money on a studio. This lets us not only take the time we need, but it's a place of comfort to us. Well, it was a place of comfort. Last night we brought in all the gear we'll be using to put this beast of a record together. Currently, our kitchen is full of drums and microphones, our living room is playing host to a countless number of amps and guitars, and JoAnna even sacrificed her bedroom which is now home to our control room which holds a 16 channel mixer, effects racks, computers, and us.

Last night after we had run all over town with Van Diesel picking up gear from shady warehouses, we loaded in all the gear, hooked everything up and proceeded to record some scratch tracks which JoAnna will use to play her drum tracks to. That went late into the evening but we've set the foundation for almost all 12 songs.

It's a new day. Day 1 of recording. As I type this, JoAnna is in the kitchen getting drum sounds while Travis and Doug monitor from the control room. Things are running smoothly and I expect to be hitting the record button before too long.

Throughout the recording process, we'll be taking a lot of video and I will be leaving my computer is our designated "Blogger" where this blog will be up at all times and anyone from the band can sit down and give you an update. So check back with us often for all the updates.

Get excited!!

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