Thursday, May 03, 2007

News on (the) Record

Last night involved a trip over the House of Travis for a full band listen to the songs in their (near) final form.

We listened through everything front to back and tossed in our two cents. Changes were made, ego's were stroked, battles were won and lost. In the end, I think the songs are right where we want them to be.

It was awesome to finally hear our record in an almost completed form. This made me even more excited. I just want to get it out there and into people's ears so badly. I can totally relate to other bands now who record an album in January and can't release it until July. It sucks. We don't want to be holding onto this thing for months and months after it is finished, but there is still a ton of work that needs done in all phases of the record making process. We're still aiming for a late June/early July release, but we cannot even book our CD release show until we are ready to send this thing off to duplication. Wouldn't want to be stuck with a CD release gig and no CD, right?

In other major news, we finally settled on a title for the record. After many months of sharing ideas, arguments, and finding out that every other album name we wanted to use was taken multiple times, we finally found something that is unique and fitting to this project. We'll reveal it soon enough!

Also, before too long we'll have some new music for you to sink your teeth into.
Yes. That's right. NEW MUSIC.

Even I'm looking forward to that.

Tonight is Spider-Man 3 at Midnight.
I'm so excited.
And I just can't hide it.

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