Thursday, July 26, 2007

I just wanna write!

REALLY Written by Doug

Hello everybody, I've missed writing in this thing. CD sales are going slow but steady, lets hope they pick up as we begin to play more shows in the coming weeks and months. If you come to a show and you like what you hear, please buy the record. We need your help to function as a band and fight through the rough times when it feels like we might never be more than just a fun little band that a very select few like to listen to. We have aspirations to be much more but we can't do it without your support.

Enough of the pep talk.

We're incredibly excited to be heading back to Ocala tomorrow night. It's always fun to head up and see our friends and fans (hereafter referred to as "frans"). We hope to see a ton of you out there rocking out with us and if you know the words to the new songs, sing at the top of your lungs so we know you like it. We couldn't be more proud of the new record, we hope that you guys can feel the passion we have for these songs when we play them live or when you hear the CD.

Touring at the end of the year? Maybe. We're trying to make it work financially and if we can I'll be the first one to pack my bags and hop in the van. Seeing the country with my 3 best friends sounds like a fantastic way to spend a few weeks. So hopefully we'll be able to get out there and meet more frans all across the country. More to come when inspiration strikes.


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