Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Rec's

Here are some more records I suggest buying if you have disposable income. Both are from bands I really used to like, lost interest in, but have since returned to their fun, catchy, listenable selves.

Sum 41 - Underclass Hero
The Starting Line - Direction

Is anyone else counting down the days to The Rentals show at House of Blues?
No? Just me?
Does anyone else get a backstage pass to meet The Rentals at House of Blues?
No? Just me?

We have shows coming up. As usual. Shows. Shows. Shows.
V-Squat Fest is up next. We have a killer setlist planned. The kids better love us.
After that, the shows drift off into obscurity.

Attention fans in any Florida towns we've never been to: Tell your local venue to reply to my email and return my phone calls and then we'll be there.

Attention fans in any non-Florida towns we've never been to: We're trying. Seriously.
Want to pay the cash to get the brakes on our van fixed? Please?

I desperately want to play a new stage.

One day.

Buy our record. Please?

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