Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm a little late here on our Daytona Show breakdown, so here goes.

We arrived in Daytona a little after 5pm, pulled up the the venue, Doug grabbed an awesome load-in spot right outside the Coffee Connection with minimal parallel parking needed. There were already people all over the place and doors weren't scheduled to open for another 45 minutes or so. The show, which had 5 bands scheduled to play was quite full. The touring act Sleepaway never showed up and yet somehow I think 6 bands ended up playing. After sitting through an acoustic duo and some younger rockers, we took the stage a bit after 8pm and played to a pretty packed house. It was nice to see some fans and plenty of ENY shirts drifting around the audience. I even saw people singing along that I'd never met before.
Aside from the fact that I could never seem to get my amplifier loud enough and most of my synth lines went unheard, we delivered an energetic show on the oddly built 3-tier stage which caused JoAnna to trip and fall at one point. She's fine. We checked.
Pathway to Providence and My Getaway played after us and closed out the night with plenty of energy and catchy songs.

My only complaint about Daytona is that I find the kids to be a little rude at times. For instance, since the venue is a small coffee house, there's not a whole lot of room. Since so many people were at the show, the front row of the crowd was literally about a foot in front of me. I could hear several kids just holding random conversation while we were playing.
In fact, to the girl who was whining about failing her english class - I'm sorry to hear it, but that wasn't the time or the place to discuss your poor work ethic and lack of self application towards school. There were people who wanted to be in the front, where you were taking up space, to enjoy the band they came to see.
Last time we played Daytona, I complained that everyone stood outside the venue during the show. This time I wish that small group of kids had been somewhere else.

Regardless of all that, we did have a really good time, saw old friends, drove a lot, ate greasy food, drank cheap beer, and made fun of the scene kids.

We'll be back over there soon. But for now, we have really have to get our songs up to par for the Ocala kids.
Quite excited for that one.


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