Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who's ready for some good news?
We finally got a confirmation on the 4th band who will be joining us at the K&K in Ocala on Saturday, April 22nd.
Who could it be?

It's my favorite Orlando band Holidaysburg! Since this show is already quite diverse in it's musical stylings, I figured they'd be a good fit to round things out and I'm glad that the venue agreed to have them play. Check them out at They mix country music and rock and roll like nobody's business.
Needless to say, we're even more excited about this show now.
We made quick friends with the guys in Central Vine at the last show, we've known Josh from Rosedale for ages, and now we get a great band and some good pals added onto the bill.
Prepare to get your socks rocked off.

Oh wait, we have to make it through the Daytona Beach show first.

Always getting so ahead of myself. We have to make it through tonight's practice too. I hope I can remember all the lyrics, I hope Bert hasn't lost his amazing drummer stamina, I hope JoAnna doesn't make too much fun of my new haircut, and hopefully Doug will remember how to play his instrument.

I want to get a shirt made for tomorrow that says "Life's a Daytona Beach."
I am ever so clever.


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