Monday, August 14, 2006

Kitlers will inherit the Earth. Look out.

We had a busy weekend.
Friday was a whole lot of me sitting around waiting for my new synthesizer to come via UPS. It took forever. I was late to the show at the Science Center due to waiting. I had already waited almost 3 months for this thing and was not going to miss it. The show itself was very fun. We played with a couple Ska bands, which isn't a usual event for us, but the second band, Underdog Trio was great and the audience was up and dancing on the floor, in the aisleways and on stage. They did the same during our set. There were many dance breakdowns, conga lines, and some little kid spinning around on stage on his butt. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I know I had a good time. People were hitting up our merch table before we even played, buying CD's, shirts, and grabbing stickers. Hopefully no one asked for a refund after they actually saw us play.

Saturday we spent the day shooting our music video for "Through My Eyes" with Joel Black who drove up from Palm Bay to spend the day with our crazy selves. He had some great ideas and hopefully he was able to capture what he wanted to. We listened to the song a lot. We faked playing it a lot. Then we crowded into my bathroom, pushed each other around, sang, acted poorly, and got really really warm.

Such is the life. Hopefully you guys will be able to see the video somewhere down the line. I think it will be entertaining. He seemed happy with the results, as did we. We even took him our for an ENY sponsored dinner at Ti'Juana Flats. We love that place.

It's looking like a possibility that tomorrow night we may be recording some songs in our friends studio. We'll see how that goes.

This weekend we visit Gainesville for the first time. We're playing at Eddie C's with our buddy Josh McCabe and his band/solo act "Along the Sidelines."
That's gonna be a good time.

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