Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A walking, fire-breathing Nun.


In other news, I somehow found myself at Wal-Mart last night around 10pm. It had been probably a year since I stepped foot into such an evil place, but Amanda and I were determined to find what we needed. However, before we found what we needed, it was obvious that food was needed so neither of us passed out. Our only option at that point was the in-store McDonald's restaraunt. She and I both avoid that eatery like the plague and tend to have bad experiences at fast food restaraunts. This time was no different.
Amanda quickly got her food and grabbed a table. As anyone would do, she had to grab a bunch of this little cups to fill with ketchup. Usually the pumps that dispense this stuff are fairly manageable and simple machines. Not this one. What she did not realize was that this dispenser was pressureized and when she unloaded the condiments into the cup, it knocked it out of her hand and sprayed her with ketchup. That's one strike against the place.
After waiting seven minutes to get the one item I ordered, I joined her at the table to hear of her traumatic experience. She insisted that I also dispense some ketchup even though I didn't need any. Sure enough, that sucker darn near knocked me on my butt. I jumped with surprise and like her, also got my hand covered in ketchup. That's 2 strikes.
I don't want to go there again anytime soon, but I would like to spray someone I don't like with pressurized ketchup. I think that would be amazingly fun.

You don't care.
If my story bored you, please refer to the top of this posting and just gaze at the picture.

Oh, and I set up a new webstore for us. It's a work in progress, but looks really professional!

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Hannah said...

So you get the Little Phatty today, huh?
Exciting. =]

Sorry about the evil ketchup incident, sounds scary!