Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apparently there is some sort of plot afoot where an evil genius is reuniting bands who have been a big influence on our music. First, it was The Rentals. Now? Ozma. Yes sportsfans, that's correct... Ozma has reunited with a new drummer and will be recording a new album and hopefully doing some touring as well.

Here's a great little anecdote for you...

Back in the day when Doug and I first got the whole ENY thing rolling, we were listening to the (best) Ozma record, Rock and Roll: Part 3 and noticed that the beginning of their song "Shooting Stars" and one of ours shared the exact same guitar intro. Scandal! Did we rip them off? Nope, not on purpose. Great minds... and all that. Needless to say, we don't play the song anymore. So don't try to sue us, Ozma.

I think Weezer should go on tour with Ozma and The Rentals. If I had to, I would sell both of my kidneys to see that show.

Alright then, cosmic gods of band reunition... resurrect for me: The Anniversary. Go listen to their classic disc "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" and you'll see it's bands like them and The Rentals who paved the way for that Motion City Soundtrack band everyone loves so much. Give the credit where due!

Oh, and could we go ahead and resurrect The Kickovers? Yeah. I mean, why not?


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