Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our show last night at The Haven was everything I could've hoped for and more. We started off the night very strongly and I think we played a great show. Everyone said we had really good energy, so big thanks to the audience. We feed off of you. We're like energy leeches. But we don't suck the energy out of you, so it's more of a symbiotic relationship. We saw a lot of familiar faces and didn't see some we expected. Can't win them all I guess. If you didn't come to the show, you seriously missed out.

Aside from my main guitar not wanting to work AT ALL, I don't think we had any technical shenanigans happening. There was a hole in the stage that I kept stepping in. Oh, and my glasses were completely covered in sweat. But those two minor inconveniences didn't hamper anything. If you were there... how freaking cool was the beginning of our set? I mean honestly, you just don't see showmanship like that nowadays.

We had planned for a 30 minute set, but when they told us we were slated to jam for 40 mins, we got to put in all the songs we felt bad about cutting out. We played six songs off the record and added four of our newer tunes into the mix. I had a blast.

The band after us took close to an hour to set up. That was a long time. Sorry if my leaving early offended anyone, there were people I needed to visit with in a quieter location. I won't do that at the next show, I promise.
Before the gig we were all hanging out at my apartment and I was writing Camp Counselor type songs. Things they would sing to kids around a fire, but mine had that really creepy edge. That sort of "Hey, if a kid sings this, he's never going to notice the innuendo" stuff. We're gonna release an album of those songs someday. It will tank. Hard.

If you've visited our MySpace or PureVolume pages lately, you'll notice that we have a show date in March up in Ocala, Florida. Finally, right? It only took eight months to hook something up. So yeah, Ocala peeps... we're coming back, and if you're not there, the trip will be in vain. March 11th at K&K Concert Hall. All ages to boot.
I hope the kids in that town are still nice. We have fond memories that don't need to be shattered.

My downstairs neighbor is being so loud. He has a massive television and leaves his door open while he watches movies filled with explosions. My floor is shaking. Ridiculous.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I went to an Irish Pub on Friday with my gal pal. They had one of those crazy loud TouchTunes jukeboxes (with a speaker RIGHT beside our table). We put in our cash because we were itching for some 80's music. She was in a Depeche Mode kind of mood, and I'd had enough to drink that A-Ha's "Take On Me" seemed like a wise decision. We sat for ages waiting to hear our tunes. Nope, never happened. So to whoever in the bar queued up 800 songs... screw you. Granted, you chose a few good songs here and there, but half of your music selections weren't even worthy of being yelled over. We left without hearing our songs, so hopefully the last callers were dancing to A-Ha while I was passing out.
Oh, and oddly enough, I got recognized in the bar. I didn't think enough people even knew about our band to be recognized for it. That's only happened to me twice and always makes me feel awkward because I don't know what to say.
"Yes, I'm in Early Next Year. Nice to meet you. Uh....hmm... have you tried the wings here? I've heard they're to die for."
So awkward.
I don't want to talk about me. Sorry.

Now I'm bored. I'm sore from jumping around the stage last night like a possessed monkey.

This entry goes out to all my dead homies.

That was weird.


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