Friday, January 06, 2006

It's Friday. I have nothing to do tonight. I'm now torn between a quiet night at home attempting to write music, or begging someone to go out to a bar with me.
I need someone to follow me around and make tough decisions for me. Wait... no... that's called living with your parents. I can do this. I can do this.

Today I asked Doug whether I was better described as "weird" or "quirky" (yes, this is what we do at work). He suggested that "quirky" was the better adjective to be associated with me. I quickly came to a realization that quirky is indeed better. Quirky people tend to be more likeable even though they take their oddness to the brink, almost to the point of no return, just to bring it back to keep their friends from leaving them stranded in abandoned parking lots.
Weird people pick their nose, smell funny, and eat glue.
Actually, I've done no scientific research on this, so I can't back anything up.

Wow, we're quite boring when we don't have shows to talk about.

Now remember, the new Action Action disc entiteld An Army Of Shapes Between Wars is out 1/24/06 on Victory Records. Do not forget to pick that up.
In fact, buy me a copy since I'm broke.


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