Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hey there kids,
JoAnna here. Sorry I haven't been posting lately. been doing so much reading that i may actually learn something this semester. So I'm trying to catch up right now. Shows have been going real well, and like Wes has said, we're working real hard to get those all ages shows, but its not as easy as it looks. I was thinking about a guerilla show at the top of a UCF parking lot. They are NOT illegal, but you have to supply all the power somehow. I know another band called Ten Fold practices up there sometimes, but you can't hold an age limit on an outside show. I'll get more info from them before we speak of this again.

New listenings:
Unwritten Law - Here's to the Mourning. Actually turned out to be a great cd from a band I used to LOVE back in middle school. (Yes, they are that old. you just didnt know it) The singles aren't the best tracks off the album so dont judge it by that, but what cd actually has the best song as the single anyway? This is one of those cds you can pop in and let it go. no tracks to skip.

Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil. Nice sophomore album from the stage named weirdos. If I had never actually seen their faces, I would love this band so much more. I can't get into the whole white face paint and pitch black hair. but what do i know. anyway, the actual disc is amazing. those kids can f***ing rip on the guitars. if you like math rock and crazy guitar solos, this cd is perfect.

Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon. F***ing AWESOME. This is one of my favorite bands that I have seen countless times and they FINALLY came out with their second full length album. Every track is crazy with spaztic drums and high-speed guitar licks. My favorite by far. The vocalist actually sings a few bars along the way too. not ALL screaming like Last Night In Town.

Thats enough for now. go out there and listen.


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