Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's been a pretty long and rough week, however I've been granted a three day weekend just to chill out and decompress. Last night was drinks with Doug, his wife, and some of her co-workers. They're all ENY fans, and make it out to a lot of our shows, so it was good just to talk with them and hear some funny stories. Doug and I killed two pitchers of Miller...okay, so Doug and I killed one pitcher, and he pretty much killed the other on his own. Today is cookout day with some of my co-workers. I think I'm destined not to remember the next few days.

Bert flew home to Ohio for the holiday, so we'll get back into the swing of things when he returns.

I put a new picture up on the left side there. It's a good one. It was taken right after we finished our promotional photos and Doug and I decided to push Bert and JoAnna off the roof. You can see that I'm bracing myself and holding onto shingles since high places and I don't get along.

I've been trying to finish up some new songs. Trying. I have a few on the backburner and plan to do some demo recording on Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone. I hope to.


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