Sunday, September 11, 2005

Productivity was the name of the game tonight. Doug and I had a couple drinks and decided it was time to crack down and get a few things done. We fixed his blasted guitar effects pedal which crapped out on him a couple gigs ago. Mine had done something similar so I fixed that yesterday and decided it was time to take on the world, so we cracked his open and the surgery was a success. We're both back in working order. Then we decided it was time for some merch upgrades, so we finally settled on a design we actually liked and will be seen on t-shirts and new stickers in the coming weeks. Yeah. Shirts. We're gettin' those.

Then we watched the new episode of Family Guy which totally ended our reign of productivity.

He's moving into a house next Saturday and then he, myself, and Bert will be working Sunday at 6am. When am I going to have time to sit on my can and not get anything done? Life is so unfair.

Drink Killian's Irish Red. We drank Bud Light tonight, but do as I say, not as I do.

Til we meet again...


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