Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jennannapalooza was a ton of fun. A lot of great bands, and a lot of great friends. Turned out to be quite a long night and the free bar tab ran out in about two hours. Regardless, much fun was had.

Our set was plagued with a few technical problems and then the venue lights came and and we got cut short by the bar because they had to close. We played about 20 minutes or so and got through about half of our set. Had we known we were going to get the boot we would've played the good stuff which we were saving for last. So, we apologize to those of you who didn't get to hear some of your favorites, we'll be sure to make it up to anyone who comes out to The Haven show on October 1st, which is this coming Saturday. We'll be playing with four other great bands including Pop.Culture.Clash. and Fairweather Friend.
It's gonna be a good one.

Over the next few weeks we're gonna start trying to book some out of town shows, so we may get into some other parts of Florida. North, south, coast to coast... we're gonna try to get there.

Slept til 4pm today. Life is good.

See you soon?


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