Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Here comes what everyone has been waiting for...


Okay, so not a whole lot to say on that end other than we got a new stickers in. They aren't they same as the others. This doesn't have a moog on it... however, everything else is quite similar. It's very close to what our shirt design will be. But trust us, the shirts will be cooler because you can... wear them.

Speaking of shirts!
Those are still on their way. We won't have them for the October 1st show as we hoped, but I would think they'd be around for October 22nd gig. We shall see. So come get those and some stickers. Hell, buy a shirt and we'll GIVE you the new sticker.

If you haven't picked up a copy of our CD yet, then what are you waiting for? We've slashed prices down to $5 at all shows. Imagine if you bought a CD AND a shirt. We'd give you the new sticker AND a button! Seriously, can life get any better?

Plus we're planning something else that will be really fun. Something for old and new friends alike.

Saturday night. Don't miss it.


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