Saturday, September 10, 2005

So....uh... yeah. Playing some shows would be fun. Communication within Orlando's venue circuit absolutely sickens me at times.

New music was recorded in the past couple days and is being carefully inspected and prepared for possible future performance.
That was my scientific way of saying "There's a new song we might play at shows."

Doug and I came close to throwing hands yesterday when he pointed out to me that I've been slowly developing a pattern in my t-shirt wearing. Same ones every week? Possibly. Maybe I do see it. It goes something like this:

Monday - Limbeck
Tuesday - Limbeck
Wednesday - Sherwood
Thursday - Limbeck
Friday - Moog

Someone should buy me some new shirts then, because damn if these don't fit me well and make me look goooooood. Size small. Nothing sleeveless. That's not an option.

I apologize in advance to anyone who may have to see me in the coming days due to friendly competition within the workplace. I won't be shaving. It won't be pretty.

Hey, LOOK:

September 24, 2005 @ the Liquid Cellar

7pm, $3, 18+

From Adam to Atom
Early Next Year

This show will be talked about for months to come, provided at least one person is sober enough to remember it.


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