Monday, November 07, 2005

For anyone in the Orlando area, be sure to head to your favorite music store or college campus and pick up a copy of this months Connection Magazine with Gwen Stefani on the cover.
Flip on over to page 10 to read their review of our EP Sarcasm is Your Friend.

I know you're lazy, so here's what it says:

"The title of this CD is appropriate, because after listening to the first few seconds of the first track I can hint sarcasm in the music and in the lyrics. But actually, this is a well-produced CD with a fun pop-punk sound that's perfect for an Orlando scene. The Moog sounds great in all of the songs along with the guitar work. The songs have standard lyrics about girl problems, but the way they present it in their songs is so creative. Fans of The Epoxies and Saves The Day should check out this band. I could see a lot of girls crooning over them in the future with their catchy tunes."

4 stars out of 5.
Written by Kayla Anderson

So Kayla, if you ever happen to read this, thanks!
We appreciate you taking the time to listen.

It looks cooler in print. Go pick up a copy.

Wednesday is fast approaching. I haven't been this excited for a show in a long time.
Remember how I used to do a top 5 list for my favorite things each month?
Well October sucked so there will be no top 5 list. Sorry.


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