Thursday, November 10, 2005

We rolled back into Orlando late last night from a good gig at the Masquerade down in Ybor City. First off, just let me says that Ybor is a great little town. We had fun wandering the streets and everyone we talked to was really nice and inviting. We obviously looked like the biggest tourists ever since we were wandering about with camera in hand while staring up at buildings and pointing at random things that really wouldn't have been interesting at any other time.

We got in around 4 and checked in with the venue which awesomely enough, had our name displayed up on the marquee. That's a first for us. We didn't have to load in until 6pm so we stopped off at a little pizza place and grabbed some food and Doug and myself enjoyed some cold beer. We then headed back down the main street checking out the shops and noticed the abundance of bars. Bert and JoAnna headed off to check out some shops and Doug dragged me into an Irish Pub, which are just about our favorite places to drink. In fact, we've now decided to visit the Irish Pubs in each town we play in, drink a Killian's and rate them accordingly. How's that for a goal?

The first place was odd because it looked Irish enough until you noticed that the place was entirely too large and well-lit to be a pub. They had modern music playing and a collection of undergarments tacked above the bar. However, the drinks were cold and seemed a bit stronger than usual, but the bartender was a sweet lady who recommended we visit another Pub down the way. Great staff, not so great atmosphere. We give it a 3 out of 5.

We stumbled back to the venue to meet up with the others and JoAnna and Bert were already loading in, and Half-Way Hero was soundchecking. We stashed our gear in the green room and said hello to the Hero boys. Good to see them again. The show wasn't starting for another hour, so the Dougster and I went hunting for the other Irish Pub. We found it hidden up a staircase that was sandwiched in between two other bars. Yes, that city caters to drunkards. Perfect.

Once inside we found a nice little room packed with lots of green-clad folks all drinking and being merry. The bartender was even dressed for the role. We ordered our Killian's and hit a table in the back. Even the music was Irish. However about five minutes after getting there, some bloke with a guitar started playing Dave Matthews songs so we left. I liked the place. 4 out of 5.

Okay, now the good stuff... we returned to the Masquerade and ran into the Select Start guys, visited, and then watched Half-Way Hero. Good stuff. They have great energy and was fun to see them in their hometown with their fanbase. Good stage presence all around.
We were up second, played through nine tunes and got a good response from the crowd. We jumped, ran, and spun around the stage even though it was pretty small, and for some reason they had a box at the front of the stage which I took many opportunities to stand on. I think we played to the best of our abilities.
Select Start ended the night and were great as always. The crowd sang along to each tune and they played with a ton of energy.

We proceeded to load out and head back to Orlando, but we're hoping to get back there on a weekend so we can spend twice as much time bumming around town and hanging out with the kids who came out.
Thanks to everyone who bought CDs or took home some stickers.
If you're ever in Ybor, go check out the Masquerade. It's a great venue that we hope to revisit soon.

Also, just a heads up that we will be playing next Friday and Saturday. Friday we'll be at the UCF Alpha Tau Omega frat house opening for Fueled By Ramen Records own Gym Class Heroes (all ages show, $5) and Saturday at the Haven in Winter Park for a Connections Live show. Good times to be had.
Tomorrow evening we'll be doing a filming for the local TV show Band Patrol, so we'll be sure to let you know when you can tune in and see ENY on your TV.

Thanks everyone. Hope to see you soon.


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