Sunday, November 13, 2005

On Friday night we filmed a spot for the local TV show Band Patrol. It airs late at night on channel 10. We hauled all of our gear into a music store across the street from my apartment, set up in a corner, and rocked out.
It's supposed to air sometime in January, so we'll let you know when you can catch it. With hot lights beating down on us we did what we could with the time and space provided. I think it will be.... entertaining. We had a good time, but our friend Erin, who hosts the show decided we needed to be interviewed as well. She had no questions so it was up to us to pen a few for her. After all my spectacular suggestions were thrown out by Doug, we settled on five or so q's, and then JoAnna and myself answered them childishly once the cameras were rolling.
We've decided we'll never be good at interviews. I just can't take them seriously. I hate talking about myself in general so I get nervous and make stupid jokes instead. So while the show airs, expect me to be falling out of my seat laughing while the rest of the viewers think we're sad and pathetic.
My main guitar broke right before we started playing so that kind of put a damper on things. I need to quit throwing it around and dropping it. Silly me.

Afterwards, Doug ran home to be with the wife, and the rest of us ventured back across the street where we took in several more episodes of Fraggle Rock which was recently released on DVD. One disc down, I think four more to go. We revisited our childhoods and acted immature in general. It was a good night.

What are we doing this week? How nice of you to ask.

On Friday we'll be playing at the University of Central Florida for their annual "Rock the Wreath" event which benefits Toys for Tots. We'll be playing with Gym Class Heroes, Boxleder, and Greyscale. There's going to be music for everyone at this show. They have a diverse lineup happening and I'm digging it. We play first at 7pm sharp. Don't miss us.
On Saturday night we'll be over at the Haven in Winter Park playing a show sponsored by Connections Magazine who have been very kind to us recently, giving us a small article and then a 4-star CD review.

We're still planning to hit a few other towns in the future. Daytona next month and then things should get interesting in January.

In other news, one of our favorite sites on the web, gave us a mention on their front page for our show with Gym Class Heroes. It's long gone from the site since they post news every two minutes, but it was fun to be on there for an afternoon. Hopefully it won't be the last time.

So that's two chances to see us in the next week. You should probably jump on those.

Cheers and such.


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