Monday, November 28, 2005

My 4 day vacation for the Holiday turned out to be less than admirable. I spent Friday and Saturday over-medicated on Dayquil while laying on my couch hallucinating. Oddly enough, I kept hallucinating about Fraggle Rock. I blame JoAnna for getting us watching those DVDs to begin with. I think this is a sign that it's time for a Fraggle Break.

Bert should be back in town tonight, and we're hoping to get in some practice time before we head up to Daytona for our 50th ENY SHOW!

Yeah, that's right. The big 50th gig. I doubt anyone in Daytona will care, but we're gonna show them a good time and not hold 'em afterwards. It's gonna be so good that everyone will be in the parking lot smoking after our set.

Still trying to hash out a local show for early December before we break for the Christmas Holidays. We're cooking up some good stuff for January, and if everything comes through, we won't be spending a lot of time playing Orlando venues. We're hoping to see new places, new bars, new towns, and new people.
We also hope to visit old friends in old places. Ocala? Yeah, we'll get there eventually.

We're hoping 2006 will be a big year for the ENY. We're already discussing new songs, new merchandise, and some summer touring plans. Anyone have a van they want to sell us?

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take it month by month. Is it just me or are the months just screaming by lately? I have this odd thing where I gauge a month based on birthdays of friends and family. Let's see... Father had a birthday, Sister had a birthday, The Girl That Frustrates Me More Than Humanly Possible has a birthday coming up... yeah, it must be close to December.

Alright, fun stuff.

My cold is on it's way out, and only a small cough remains. Thankfully we didn't have any shows over the last few days or we would have been in a pickle.

Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, it's time for Christmas shopping, right?
You know what makes a good gift?
Early Next Year's debut EP Sarcasm is Your Friend and our Cassette Tshirt.
Make your best friend, parents, or significant other smile this season when you treat them to some ENY merchandise rather than another coffee mug or calendar.

Heard our new song yet? Go here ->
You dig?

Oh, I need to be stopped.


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