Friday, November 25, 2005

So apparently I've been neglecting this thing. Sorry about that.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. JoAnna and myself joined Doug and his wife for much food eating and movie watching. We all proceeded to go into Turkey Coma afterwards.

I didn't even say anything about our show at the Haven last Saturday... it was great. Best out of the 3 we played that week. We all got to the venue extremely exhausted, but when it came time to play, we turned it on and played a great show. Thanks to those of you who bought shirts or cds. The support is always appreciated.

Our next show is going to be December 8th in Daytona Beach. We're looking forward to playing somewhere new. If you live nearby, please come out and support! The beter the response, the sooner we can get back there again.

I'm not sure if any of this is even making sense. I'm totally medicated. I've been doing shots of Dayquil just so I can breathe.

For anyone who heard that JoAnna was injured at the Gym Class show, here's an update: Her hand is still black and blue and I still feel super bad about throwing my guitar into her. She'll never let me live this down at this point.

After the Thanksgiving meal JoAnna retreated back to my place and watched 7 episodes from Season 1 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Am I the only one who thinks the first season was pretty weak?

Oh, and last but not least... go check out a new Early Next Year song called Lifeless at MySpace or PureVolume.

Then let us know if you dig it. Cause we do.

You'll hear from me again once I'm out of this over-the-counter drug-induced haze.


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