Thursday, December 01, 2005

I like sandwiches.
My sister broke William Shakespeare's nose.
I'm a robot sent from the future to make Doug McPherson uncomfortable.

I had to go to work earlier than normal. That means I had to wake up earlier than usual. I hated the day.

Why is it that the closest Chinese restaraunt is one of the worst in town?
Why do I always pick up my mail at the same time my neighbors do?
Why is the Weatherman always wrong?

We may never know these answers, but what we do know is that we have some shows coming up. Fun shows. We hope.
We're planning some fun stuff for the 50th show in Daytona. Doug and I have good ideas. JoAnna disagrees. It's gonna be a party. It will probably end up being more like those parties you went to in the 6th grade. You know, when your mother made you go to the weird kid's party so he felt like he had friends? Yeah.

Even if I crank my air conditioning to full blast, it's still colder outside. And it's not even cold outside.

Doug and JoAnna should be meandering over to my apartment soon for some 'strings only' practice. I kid. I'd never exclude Bert from anything. Except strip poker.

I'm still coughing. Somehow I have to sing. This is not looking good. Whenever I cough at work, Doug tells me to spit the bad stuff out. He's like my mother. If my mother had a beer gut. And was a man. And was ugly.

We confirmed our local show for December! We'll be playing at Back Booth in downtown Orlando on Thursday, November 15th. We're playing with Luxembourg from Lakeland. They're quite good. Their shy, unwashed-looking guitar player used to work with me. Good guy. Needs a shave. Who am I to judge. He's better at life than me. Listen to their song "Home" because it's spectacular.

The day after the Back Booth show, November 16th, we're going BACK to Daytona Beach to play a show at the Coffee Connection for their grand reopening, or something of that nature.
If you go to apparently you can watch live broadcasts of their shows online. So if you have Real Player, you should be able to tune in and watch us play if you can't be there in person. We'd prefer you to be there. But if you can't... we dangle the carrot.

I think I've exceeded my link quota for this blog posting. Does anyone even read this thing? If you do, tell us and we'll give you a shout out or something. Are shout outs even cool anymore? I think that's another example of things P. Diddy used way too much and made uncool.

Chances are we won't book any more shows for December at this point (unless something really cool comes our way) and then Doug, Bert, and myself are all heading back to Ohio for a week to do fun things over the Christmas Holiday. Well, I'm sure they'll do fun things. I'll sit in my old room/closet and pretend I'm in Florida. I hate snow. More than nuts in brownies. Whose idea was it to put nuts in brownies anyway? I'd like to smack them. Unless it was a woman. I'd just let her off with a stern talking to. Unless it was Martha Stewart, because I would totally smack her.

Tomorrow is Friday. No work this weekend. Good.
Bert's leaving town again though. He's always leaving town. Maybe he can trade in his frequent flier miles for the drum set he wants. Wouldn't that be crazy?

You must be bored if you made it this far into the post. Consider this your intermission.

Crap. Lost my train of unthought.

Randomness accomplished.


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