Saturday, December 17, 2005

Alright, we just finished our two days of shows in Orlando and Daytona Beach. Lots of fun at both stops. Here's all the good stuff you missed:

Thursday night at Back Booth in downtown in Orlando. We played with some great bands including Luxembourg, The West Fifties, and Jason Choi and the Sea. Upon arrival to the venue we noticed that our name was spelled wrong on the marquee. Apparently it's rather tough to spell 'early' and we ended up being advertised as "Eary Next Year." With video camera rolling I sent Doug, armed with a sharpie marker to fix it. Leave it to the kid with a Bachelor's Degree to still manage to put the L in the wrong place, making us "Ealry Next Year." In the end, crossing off the whole word and starting over proved a success.

Somehow we ended up headlining the show. We were a little nervous since we really aren't in any position to be headlining shows anywhere. The rest of the bands were fantastic, but not really on our page musically. Lots of pianos, beautiful chords, and staring at shoes. By the time we took the stage at midnight, the crowd had decreased by half but we eased them into our set by starting off with our most 'indie rock' songs. The tunes 'Extra Twenty' and 'They Always Say' were sent in first, and we followed that by melting their faces with 'Information'. A really great show regardless of all the worry that went into not fitting in. Kudos to the girl who was up in the balcony tearing it up with some awesome dance moves, and big thanks to everyone who picked up the CD or tossed some kind words our way.

Last night we returned to Daytona Beach for a show at the Seabreeze Coffee Connection. It was here that we learned that Doug is possibly the worst person in the world at parallel parking. He couldn't get himself into the spot right in front of the venue and after he pulled away to find a more convenient location, some lady in a car got out and told JoAnna and I, "Tell her she needs to go back to driving school!"
It was funny that she called Doug a 'her' since I do that all the time.
For some reason, the kids in Daytona would rather stand outside in the cold at shows than pay $5 to go inside where it's warm and where the music sounds good. So we played second after some band that just screamed and screamed for about 20 minutes. We had to load in the front door with 50 kids just standing around outside blocking us at every turn. Once we were set up and ready to roll we realized that there was only about 15 people actually inside the venue, while the rest hung around outside.
We played our 30 minutes and loaded everything out with kids still in our way.
Thanks to the one guy who apparently listened to our set and grabbed a copy of the disc.
We then proceeded to go to the same shady Burger King as we did on our last visit. This time we dragged Bert and JoAnna along for some fun. Have you seen those advertisements for those Chicken Fries? Don't get them. They are a waste of money and smell like burnt flesh. After hanging out for a few minutes in the parking lot, and getting my Dr. Pepper kicked all over me we headed back to Orlando.
On the way home, Doug and I listened to Piebald's "We Are the Only Friends We Have" a whopping 3 times in a row. I maintain that this CD was the best release of 2002. In fact, their 2004 release "All Ears, All Eyes, All the Time" is currently ruling my CD player at home. Check both of those out if you like good music.

Tonight we're having our first ENY christmas party in my craphole apartment. We're gonna set up a battle plan for 2006, then proceed to have a few drinks, play mindless video games, make terrible jokes, pick on Doug, and basically do anything except play music. It's gonna be a blast.

As far as shows go, we're done for the year but are still in the process of confirming dates for January and February. Watch the website or myspace for updates.

A week from today Bert and myself will be in Ohio, and Doug will be still be trying to drive there. Yes, that's right, three of our members are originally all from Ohio. Bert and I lived in neighboring towns, Doug lived 30 or so minutes away. We never knew each other until we all moved to Orlando. What are the odds right?
My parents house in Ohio is in the middle of nowhere, so there's a good chance that the majority of my 'vacation' will be spent blogging about how I wish I was still in Florida. Yeah, I'm a whiner.

All the best.


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