Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hi. Guess who's hung over?

I put a new picture on our blog from when we played the Connections Live show at the Haven a few weeks ago. Thanks to Annie for taking the photo and the Haven for having such groovy lighting.
I'm the dorky looking guy in the photo who is trying to make playing the Moog look cool. Yeah, not happening.

Doug never answers his phone. He is ridiculous.
I'm still hacking up a lung. That is also ridiculous.
If anyone invented crust pie, I believe that could also be ridiculous.
I think Bert and JoAnna are both out of town. I am so out of the loop that I don't even know where my bandmates are. Ridiculous.

On to something that is not recognized as being ridiculous:
After a 6 month wait, our Sarcasm is Your Friend EP is finally available for download through the iTunes Music Store.
For all of you who want the CD, but hate waiting on mail order, then this is for you.
You can listen to 30 second clips of every song on iTunes, or go to our PureVolume page and stream the entire CD. Whatever.
Kudos to iTunes though, on the clips of our songs that they uploaded you really get to hear the catchiest part of each song with the exception of the song "Through My Eyes" where you basically just get to listen to the 30 second guitar rock-out part section thing.

I'm over that CD. Whatever.

Because of our work schedules we're only managing to squeeze in one practice before the Daytona show, so it's up in the air at this point whether or not we'll play anything new. We're trying to polish up 4 songs right now so they will sparkle and shine, but they may or may not see the light of day for a while yet. All of the old favorites will be played.
Sometimes we lose ourselves and end up playing a bunch of songs that aren't on the CD. I just think they're better.

Here's something crazy that happened today. I woke up around 2pm today since I got in quite late, walked out onto my porch to see how the weather was faring, and then I realized the terrible truth... the staircase leading up to my second story apartment was gone. GONE. The whole thing. The stairs, the railings, nowhere to be seen.
Seriously, what do you do in that situation? I was stuck on the second floor. Luckily, it appears that the maintenance crew was just replacing it since it's always been quite rickety. Over the next few hours there was a lot of yelling and loud banging outside my door, but as it stands now at 5pm, it appears to be finished and looking sturdy. Also, under one of the chairs on my porch I found a letter from my complex telling me this was scheduled to occur. It must have blown off my door and I didn't see it. Again, whatever.

Never a dull moment around here folks.

Doug never calls back. He is ridiculous.


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