Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hey, it's bert, that guy who aparently isn't aloud to join in on the frequent strip poker games that go on among the rest of the band. I'm sure it's better this way. Anyway, things are going pretty well with the band. Our show tomorrow up in Daytona should be a romping good time. It's our 50th show. Holy cow, 50 shows, we should wear party hats or something, hmmmmm.

Maybe there is a reason Wes is the only one who ever writes in the journal, he's the only one witty enough to actually keep people entertained. A couple of you have actually shown up and been dissapointed when you got to one of our shows and found that I was not wearing a yellow shirt. Blame Wes for dubbing me the captain of the yellow shirt brigade. But, I will be sure to be sporting yellow appearl at our show tomorrow, just incase someone is really depending on me to come through.

Thats really all I have. See you at the show


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