Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hey folks, it's that time of the year where we take a second to stop thinking of ourselves and write down our Top 5 Favorite Records of 2005!

And remember, I said our FAVORITE albums, not the BEST albums of the year.

Bert's Top 5 favorite Records of 2005:

1. Project 86 - And the Rest Will Follow
2. System of a Down - Mezmorize
3. Kids in the Way - Apparitions of Melody
4. Kutless - Stong Tower
5. Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

So I know my list is not anywhere close the the same as everyone elses in the band, I even have 2 christian albums in there, but all of those are bands that ive been listening to since I got into music so I'm sticking to what I love and grew up with.
Project 86's new album is just very well put together, there is a lot of very creative recording and they havent changed a lot in their style. They havn't gone all techno like some of these more heavy metal bands.
System of a Down has always been amazing. Once again, they havn't changed much, they just stick to the basics and continue to rack out amazing, origanal face melting rock and roll.
Kids in the Way and Kutless are a couple of great christian bands that have just stormed their way into the christian market.
And the Foo Fighters, well thats really all I have to say, they rock.

Doug's Top 5:

1. Sherwood - Sing, But Keep Going
Wes actually turned me on to this band right
after this album came out and I became immediately
jealous that I didn't find them first. This album is
incredibly addictive with instantly memorable hooks
and layers of insightful lyrics about being a touring
musician and other topics. Not a single skippable
track on here. Sherwood is a band that if there was
an ounce of justice in the music business would be one
of the biggest in the world, but as it stands they are
forced to play crappy tours for months on end opening
for bands who aren't anywhere near as talented.
Cough*Daphne Loves Derby*Cough.

2. Alkaline Trio - Crimson
Alright here's my biased choice for the year, but
this year I think it's every bit deserving of a slot
on the list. In case the first sentence didn't give
it away, Alk3 has been one of my favorite bands for a
few years now, and on this release they've completely
taken it to another level. They did what every band
during a growing phase tries to do here they wrote an
album with a much more mature sound, but without
forsaking the elements of their music that got them to
their current level of success which is the pitfall
that most other bands fall into. Mercy Me, Sadie, and
Back To Hell are three of the key tracks on here and
this record should cement this bands place at the
forefront of the new breed of punk.

3. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
I didn't think there was any way in hell that
Conor Oberst could out do his last effort, "Lifted, Or
The Story Is In The Soil Keep Your Ear To The Ground",
and he really didn't, however this album still reigns
supreme as one of the finest of the year. He really
didn't mess with the formula he created on past albums
like Lifted and Fevers and Mirrors, but this still
makes the list because he just keeps churning out disc
after disc of songs that make you question EVERYTHING.
Key tracks include At The Bottom of Everything,
Landlocked Blues, and Road To Joy.

4. Eisley - Room Noises
This album caught me completely off guard. I
wasn't all that thrilled when I heard the debut EP's
from this band but on their first full length album
they rerecorded alot of the songs that were on their
earlier releases and actually made them better. The
production is fantastic and they really make these
unique indie rock songs stand out from some of their
peers. The only thing that makes this band more
amazing is that they somehow can stand their family
enough to make their tour bus a traveling family
reunion. Brutal! Definite Key Track "Telescope Eyes"

5. Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
Alright here's the sentimental choice for the
year. My grandfather recently passed away and some of
the songs and themes on this record provided me alot
of comfort through that tough time. Once again I
didn't think this band could do any better than
Transatlanticism but I think this record is a worthy
follow up and at least equals the greatness of that
record. Also this record was produced by band member
Chris Walla which is an unbelieveable accomplishment
that he has such a creative, focused vision of what
his band's indie-pop should sound like. Key Tracks
include I Will Follow You Into The Dark, Crooked Teeth
and Marching Bands of Manhattan.

JoAnna's Top 5:

1. Thrice - Vheissu
This album is very different than previous albums, but it showcases the lead singer's voice so well that you won't mind. This cd has stayed in my cd player for weeks and weeks without rotation. It'll stay there.

2. Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory
This album came out earlier in the year (or at least it feels like it) and it was a great album. It's a good listen from start to finish. Yes, Mark Hoppus produced it, but we can forgive them for that.

3. A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner
I actually saw this band live before i knew who they were and they blew me away. I had to go out and get their album right away, and it did not disappoint. In fact, if you caught that Connections magazine with our cd review in it, their review is right underneath ours. Take that!

4. Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon
Ok, so it wasn't Hot Damn but it was still pretty damn good. The guitar riffs were fun and far as hardcore music can be "catchy" anyways. A good disc to pick up if you're looking for something different. Don't expect any singing though.

5. Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil
Again, not as good as the previous album, but it grows on you each time you listen. Granted, the singer can't scream anymore (due to ripped vocal chords...he isnt supposed to sing/scream at all) but he still manages to keep his same style of vocals on the album. Great breakdowns, great drummer. (as always) I give em points for finally making it onto the big scene.

Wes's Top 5:

1. Limbeck - Let Me Come Home
It seems that most people either love Limbeck, or don't quite get it. I enjoy them a lot. I don't remember how I even first heard of this band a while back, but their last CD "Hi, Everything's Great" pretty much became my soundtrack to 2004. On their third effort they did it again. A nice helping of rock with some twang. I remember seeing these guys in downtown Orlando at the Social. The place was near empty and they still played one of the best live shows I've seen to this date. The albums' Songs "Parking Lot" and "Home (is where the van is)" are catchy as hell while tunes like "I Saw You Laughing" and "Names for Dogs" struck a nice personal chord with me. A nice combination of Limbeck and Old 97's pretty much inspired our song "Extra Twenty."

2. Sherwood - Sing, But Keep Going
Doug pretty much hit the nail on the head with describing this album. I got hooked on their debut EP and went out of my way to pre-order this when the time came. I was hooked. As I always do, I suggested that Doug take a listen it and he loved it as well. We went and saw them at Back Booth in Orlando a while back and that made me appreciate them even more. They sounded flawless. Daphne Loves Derby was boring.

3. Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead
First off all, yes. I am aware that every song on this CD sounds exactly the same. I had heard the CD "Dream to Make Believe" and thought it was average at best. Their latest release got so much hype that I couldn't help but take a listen. I really enjoy the fact that they released a concept album of sorts. I kept listening to WTDWYAD just to get a handle on the story that happens throughout the disc. Very intriguing. The first two tracks on this CD are by far the catchiest, but "A Quick Little Flight" offers a bit of variety, and the closing song "End of a Fraud" is pretty epic for them and really closes the story well.

4. Matthew Good - In A Coma
Apparently I'm the only person on earth who has heard of Matthew Good. His various CD's have been on constant rotation in my CD player for the last 5 years. This release was more or less a box set, squashing 10 years worth of material into a "Greatest Hits" type of disc. A handful of new and unreleased songs were added to the mix along with a second CD of acoustic versions of his best material, while a third disc was a DVD of all his music videos. I think there's enough new stuff on this disc to have it qualify. No one in the band understands why I appreciate his work. I stopped trying.

5. Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory
This honestly would be my number six choice, but I forgot who I wanted to put at #5.
Anyway, this CD is catchy. All of us loved "I am the Movie" but this CD actually shows maturity in the songwriting. REAL maturity. Not the "hey our songs are 6 minutes long now, and have obnoxiously lengthy tites! We grew up!" kind of maturity.
Everyone and their Mom says that ENY sounds like MCS. We don't. They're just the only band with a synthesizer that you know of.

Yay for 2005.

I also suggest that you listen Weezer's "Make Believe" which was released this year and "We Are The Only Friends We Have" from Piebald even though it has been out for years and years. It's just freaking good.


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