Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm so behind on this thing. It's ridiculous. As usual.

As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Rhett Miller's new album called "The Believer" which is the follow up to his first solo CD called "The Instigator."
You can listen to it too at It's the perfect background music for reading this posting. Rhett also sings for a little band called the Old 97's. I was hoping my pre-order of the album would get here before the weekend, but I'm looking forward to having the physical copy in my mailbox on Monday.

A quick rundown of the shows we've played so far: They've been crazy. The good, the bad, the ugly... it's all been there.
Thursday night we played Will's Pub in Orlando with Chris Metz, Time & Distance, and Big City Dreams. We were expecting to play second in an opening slot, however we ended up playing last. We played for our fans and the bands, really. I don't know why people didn't stick around. It was barely 10pm when we played. Regardless, it was almost like a little private show.
Dave from the band formerly known as Hawkeye graced us with his presence. Hadn't seen that character in ages. During the downtime we played one handed Fooseball where you have to be holding a beer in one hand at all times.
After the show the touring bands took off, and the few remaining people in the venue just sat around shooting the breeze. Good times.

Last night we were scheduled to play at Apopka High School. Upon arrival we were told we were next so we just loaded right onto the stage, set up as fast as humanly possible. As usual, we had planned to open with one of the Moog-powered songs. On my attempt to tune the beast to prepare for the song, I was getting no sound whatsoever. I immediately started panicking, but since we were so pressed for time we just played 5 or 6 of our straight ahead rock songs. The audience was good, they seemed to enjoy it. We were playing in a "Cafetorium" so there was crazy reverb everywhere. I could hear my voice bouncing off the walls. It made it sound like the audience was singing along. Were they? Nope.
Big thanks to all the kids who bought CDs. I always feel awkward when people ask us to sign them because I feel like I'm defacing our own disc. We did sign a napkin though. That was a first. Me and my awesome 3 letter autograph.

The rest of the band should be here soon and we'll be on our way out to Port Orange for Spring Music Fest 2006, of which we are a part. I believe we're playing around 3:45... third band to play. This should be a fun one since we have to fill about 45 minutes. We'll be playing almost our entire catalog. We also have a few people making the drive from surrounding towns to see us. I think that's amazing.

This is our third day playing in a row, so this has to be the good show, right?
The Moog has been coaxed back to life, the guitar strings have been changed, and I'm ready to hit the road.

Have a great Saturday.


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