Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ok so it has been way too long since anyone but Wes has posted on here so I'm pretty sure it's my turn. Today was Valentines Day....why. Who's idea was this. It's just a reason for girls to get mad at guys because we didn't get them flowers, jewlery and candy. Am I jealous because I don't have a girlfriend, no. Infact I would be more upset if I did because I would have to spend money on her.

Moving on, we have so many shows coming up that by the last one this month my arms might actually fall off, or at the very least my shirt. This Saturday we are playing at The Haven. Then next week we have 3 shows, 3 days in a row and all 3 are all ages, how cool is that?

One last thing, Wes forgot to mention that time we were in the recording studio and Doug decided he should fart as loud as possible. Actually that has happened a lot of times, but just ask Doug about that, I'm pretty sure he has his own list.


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