Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It feels like we haven't played a show in months when in reality it's only been about 2 weeks. That seems too long. Luckily we have lots of fun stuff coming up here in June starting with Friday's show in Daytona Beach.

One of the things I love about playing in other towns is seeing how the kids act at shows.
For instance, Daytona kids aren't as rowdy as Ocala kids.
Ocala kids will dance, laugh, and sing along.
Daytona kids stand in front of you while you play with their arms crossed and if they're into it, you might get them nodding to the beat.
Ocala kids talk to you after the show.
Daytona kids ignore you.
Ocala kids bring you cookies and good stories.
Daytona kids ignore you.
Ocala kids are right up front while their favorite band plays.
Daytona kids stand outside.

Sure there are exceptions to the rule, and this doesn't mean I dislike playing in Daytona Beach, I just think the kids could be more welcoming and inviting, y'know?

Moving on...

On Monday night ENY hit up dollar Bowling night at one of the local lanes. We went to meet up with some friends and got to bowl several games with Chris and Jeremy of the Orlando-based band called Rory ( who are on the Orlando record label called 111 Records, home of other bands such as Mashlin, Inkwell, and This Day & Age.
Rory has a new CD coming out in September called "We're Up to No Good, We're Up to No Good." Please pick up a copy of that when it's released. I got to hear one of the new songs a while back and it was a great tune. They had several tracks produced by Mark Hoppus. Always cool, right? So yeah. Listen and love. They're fantastic.

Friday. Coffee Connection. Daytona Beach. 7pm. $5. Early Next Year. + additional bands.



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