Monday, June 26, 2006

Lakeland has Lakes.

Friday at the Winner's Circle in Lakeland was a good time. We played with Isaac and the Cou (a local acoustic act) as well as From Adam to Atom from Orlando. We were sandwiched in the middle of the set, and I felt like we played very well. The crowd was sparse aside from the regular bar attendees, so it wasn't our target demographic. Everyone we met was very nice and we do hope to return to Lakeland in the near future.
We killed some time playing pool, which is quickly becoming a favorite activity for us in bars, and I sifted through 3,000 albums on their digital jukebox and couldn't find anything worth spending money on.
From Adam to Atom put on a great show. Always good to see those guys. Be sure to give them a listen at If you like us, you'll dig them too.

This Friday we make another triumphant return to Ocala where people actually know the words to our songs. Should be a good time. Hopefully K&K isn't so bloody hot this time around. Yeah, right. We're playing with our pals Rosedale and Orlando's My Adalyn with a fourth band TBA.

Keep it real.


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