Monday, June 19, 2006

Will's Bidet.

Yesterday: The Show That Almost Happened.

Will's Pub South... that place was a DIVE!
But I liked it. We got to the venue around 4:30 for a 6pm show (we were afraid of getting lost, okay?) because we like to be fashionably early. Looks good on the resume`. We were the first of anyone to show up and killed some time by drinking some cold beers.

It was brought to our attention that a pipe was broken in the men's restroom and and the room was filling up with water. It was shooting out everyone. Basically, the toilet had become a bidet. You know, one of those french things that shoots water up your butt. After a while, a steady stream of water started coming out from under the door. This is bad for several reasons.
A.) Bathroom water is gross
B.) Loose water is never good when you're going to have amps and mics set up in the near vicinity.

The bartender told us that she was attempting to get ahold of the bar manager to see if there was anything that they could do. To distract ourselves, Doug and I attempted to play a game of pool on the world's most dilapidated pool table and kept losing balls. It was not a lot of fun.
After losing the cue ball we called it a draw and I tackled the house jukebox which actually had a decent selection of tunes. I created an awesome seven song playlist to fuel the next game of pool. The jukebox started spouting out the tunes which included songs from The Pixies, Modest Mouse, Old 97's, The Beach Boys, and Journey. Yes, Journey.

Eventually one of the touring bands, Dear Stardom, made their way into the venue followed by the locals, Kiteline.

At this point the bartender told us that all they could do was shut off the water for the whole bar and by doing that, they would have to close for the night. So after we were herded outside, people were calling venues trying to get the show moved with no luck. We hung out with some members of Dear Stardom for a while talking about their tour so far and then we got back in Van Diesel and headed for home.
Maybe it's better that the show got cancelled since we accidently forgot our merch at the house. And we wondered why there was so much more room in the back of the van...


We'll see how the show in Lakeland goes. It's on Friday. From Adam to Atom is playing too. Should be cool.


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