Sunday, June 11, 2006

No Hula Girls to call our own.

Have I really not written since Wednesday? Well crap.

I had a busy weekend.

Friday afternoon we loaded up Van Diesel and headed out to Daytona Beach for another romp at the Seabreeze Coffee Connection. We were relieved that all of our gear actually fit into the van, as there were some concerns early on, but not only did everthing fit, but we could still see out the rear window!
Yeah, I get excited over the little things in life.

Anyway... I took the command chair for the duration of the ride to the venue and did my best not to panic whilst driving on I-4 (that's a really crazy highway for all of you non-Florida peoples). I managed to get us all the way to Daytona without doing anything foolish but had to have Bert take over the reins when it came to parallel parking in front of the venue. Upon arrival we met one of the other bands called "In Plain Language" who were on the road for the weekend. They gave us the bad news that the only local band on the bill had cancelled so the show consisted of us from Orlando and 2 bands from Lakeland, FL. Not exactly what you like to hear when playing out of town shows. We had a few faithful fans make the trip to see us for which we are very grateful. Since the show start time got pushed back from 7 to 8pm we had some time to kill so JoAnna, Bert, and myself headed down to the beach a few blocks away to breath in some of that ocean air. It was nice. On the way back to the venue we stopped into a corner shop full of knick-knacks to see if we couldn't find a dancing hula girl for the dashboard of the van. Turns out that they had everything in the world except what we were looking for. Just our luck.

We headed back to the venue and were confused further to find out that we were up last on the lineup for the evening. After the first band played, they left to head home, taking half the audience with them which was kind of a bummer, but whatever. Playing second was a band called "Awesome You" who played with some good energy in the stlye of a Blink 182/Green Day lovechild.
We finished out the night for a small crowd, but everyone seemed to have a good time. There was dancing, singing, and police. Oh yeah, the police came in while we played our encore. Yes, we got an encore. I don't know why they stopped in, but they seemed to enjoy themselves for the few minutes they loitered about. We were playing our song "Window" at the time but they left before I could get them to clap along during the chorus.

Oh yeah: Doug wants me to mention that JoAnna hit him in the face with a water bottle. I didn't see it. Apparently it was hilarious.

We loaded out, shook hands, said our thank yous, and Bert climbed behind the wheel for the drive back to O-Town. We didn't go anywhere immediately though. I sat in the passenger seat exhausted and waiting for Doug and JoAnna to join us. We almost left them there. Almost. Fine, not really.


On Saturday we got a house.
First a van, now a house.
That's how we roll.
So we officially have an ENY-HQ where the four of us will be living in tight quarters and probably making music from time to time.
We haven't moved yet, but that should happen over the next few weeks.
It should be interesting. We'll have stories. They may not be all that exciting, but they will be stories nonetheless.

Today I went to work at 6am. Cut me some slack on the apathetic entry that has taken me almost 15 minutes to hammer out due to me having to make everything sound way more interesting than it really is, was, or will be.

Yeah, so I'm getting kind of bored with this.

We're playing in Orlando on Sunday at Will's Pub South.
I've never been there. I guess that's gonna change really soon.

Doug and I are under the impression that Gary Coleman lives in the bushes outside of my apartment.
You don't think so?
Well, have you seen him anywhere else lately?


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