Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lesson Learned.

Things I've Learned in the Last Seven Days:

1. Will's Pub South now has an in-house bidet.
2. ... and a decent jukebox.
3. Warm Pepsi cannot be swallowed.
4. If there's extra room in the van, we really are forgetting something.
5. Cat puke on your pillow first thing in the morning can ruin your entire day.
6. Amanda and I cannot remove a broken door knob to save our lives.
7. The people at Brighthouse Cable love to give you broken stuff.
8. Everyone in my apartment complex has been stealing my internet.
9. Working the late shift interferes with my ability to go to good shows.
10. Booking a tour is hard and stressful.

Winner's Circle on Friday in Lakeland, FL.

We need more shows for early July.


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