Tuesday, January 23, 2007

100 vs. 1982

Super big thank you to everyone who came out to our show at 1982 in Gainesville, FL over the weekend. We rolled into town around 6pm for our 7pm load-in, but the load-in didn't occur to closer to 8:30. While waiting, we grabbed some food from a Checker's across the street. What lousy service. We always manage to pick the worst or slowest place to eat in every town. Or maybe everywhere is just slow and uncaring nowadays. We were hassled by homeless people and then retreated back to the van for a false sense of security. There were homeless people laying in a gutter just mere feet away from us. Thank goodness for tinted windows.
The owner of the club was late getting the place up and running so a small crowd began to gather outside the doors. I was getting worried that people were going to start leaving due to the weather, but they were troopers and stuck it out. We made the rounds to say hello to the people we recognized and were happy to see that several people from our faithful fanbase in Ocala, FL made the trip out.
Overall, there were probably 100+ people in the tiny tiny venue. We were scheduled to play second and glad for it since the place was still pretty packed out at that point. Right before us, Tyler Cole from Ocala played some rockin' acoustic tunes, then we proceeded to start a 35 minute rock-a-thon and people really seemed to be enjoying themselves.
After our set our merch table was mobbed and I couldn't walk five feet without someone giving me words of encouragement. Everyone we met was very nice including the bartenders who only charge the bands $1 per drink. The rest of the night was spent watching the other bands and talking to anyone and everyone in our radius.
She's At Lizzy's followed us with some poppy acoustic numbers and then Gainesville band, The Ups played their farewell show for the mob.
Ending out the night was Along the Sidelines. It was their CD release show and singer Josh's 21st birthday, so we made sure to do things right and got loud and rowdy while they played.

Always fun meeting new people and catching up with the old. Based on the sales of our record combined with the smiles and handshakes from audience members, we're hoping to return to Gainesville and 1982 in the near future.

In other news, we were invited to play at this year's Spring Music Fest, held at the Port Orange Amphitheater. When we played this event last year we made a ton of fans and were glad to be invited back for another round. That's taking place on Saturday, February 24th, so mark your calendars.

We have a week or two off til our next show, so I'll be spending that time working on new material and reworking old stuff.

Thanks again to everyone who came out the show, we hope to see you at the next.

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